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A method for determining the dominant eye when aiming.

A method for determining the dominant eye when aiming.

There is an all-arms method for determining the dominant eye. The newspaper sheet is done round opening 2,5 – 3 cm, then, keeping your head still and a sheet of newspaper at arm's length, shooter looks through the eyes of two through the hole in the target. If you close your eyes any target hidden behind paper, so, this leading eye.

there is another, a more accurate way to Jaeger - his eyes fixed on a distant object, quickly put a finger between it and the eyes, continuing to look at this subject. If you see two "transparent" finger, so, both eyes leading. If there is a visible one, it is necessary to cancel any eye: will remain in place finger, Consequently, leading eye open, if you move, will mean, that lead the eye - closed.

there are methods, allowing to make any eye leading. But this is a long process. Also, if, let's, Visual acuity of the right eye less, than left, then make a right eye would be impossible to lead.

Need to know, that the effectiveness of fire depends on, which eye of a particular person leading. Shooting with two eyes open easily mastered by arrows, who lead shot right eye or both eyes leading.

But if it turns leading left eye, and the shooter shoots with his right shoulder, with open eyes, aiming for the right eye, the shooting goes awry. This arrow and you have to shoot with his left eye narrowed, and if you can not, then learn to shoot with the left shoulder. Lock and thus will "mirror" of the right hand, and its operating time necessary to actively monitor the correct execution of the individual components izgotovochnyh - then everything will.

When aiming both eyes must be open. If left unsighted squint eyes, It begins to blink reflex and right, while it tightens and gets tired easily. true, noted, that when squinting his left eye increases visual acuity of the right eye, but very few and very short-lived. Left eye try not to squint even snipers.

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