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Is there a clause in the PMC Blackwater founder of creating a private intelligence double bottom?

The founder of the private military company “Blackwater” Erik Prince, friend and advisor to Donald Trump, He proposed the creation of a new exploration with direct subordination to the president and the head of the CIA, Malek writes Dudakov the portal Ruposters. According to the authors, it helps fight internal enemies, protect the president from the attacks and possible impeachment, prevent leakage, and contribute to building relations with other countries, including Russian. The new service will consist of allies Trump, Consequently, It will carry out its initiatives. Malek Dudakov recounts the struggle against internal enemies and that, as a new intelligence can help Trump dialogue with Russia.

“Washington swamp”

From the first days of his presidency, Donald Trump has been under pressure from Washington bureaucracy, which strongly hampered his activities. During the elections, he promised to deal with Trump “vashynhtonskym swamp”. According to the leaders of his campaign, This term refers to a network of corrupt officials and politicians, lobbyists, political experts and journalists, who are trying to work together. their goal – retain “status-quo”, that is, a situation, in which the federal government is constantly expanding, gaining new powers, politicians in both parties voted for it, and journalists and experts explain, why it is necessary. As a result, the winners are all, Do yourself a business at the expense of the state system.

Washington “status-quo” It was so strong, that he has successfully experienced any presidents: as the Republicans, and Democrats. Many politicians from the Republican, won the presidential election, We promised to conduct bureaucratic reform, to deal with corruption and reduce the influence of the federal government in the lives of Americans. However, neither one of them could not go through with it: Gerald Ford tried to start the bureaucratic reform, but lost re-election. Ronald Reagan cut taxes, canceled excessive government regulation, but failed to have a significant impact on the state apparatus and to reduce government spending. George Bush, however, as well as younger, despite their promises, also made in this respect significant steps.

tramp, as they, during the campaign promised to bring change. but, Unlike other recent presidents 30-40 years, Trump built around the promise of his entire campaign, so he could not easily abandon it. Yes, he has not tried: on the first day in office Trump signed a presidential decree on the temporary freeze recruitment of new civil servants, I began to undo many of the decrees of the previous President Barack Obama and gradually eliminate some institutions, started by his predecessor,. This policy led to a number of negative effects: eg, after the dismissal of many of Obama's appointees of the federal departments and agencies were formed there are many vacancies, who long to fill. In one only the State Department in the spring of this year, more than a third of jobs were vacant: the new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson simply not possible for a long time to fill them. On the other hand, Many remained in their posts bureaucrats, experiencing a dislike for Trump and his initiatives, We tried to sabotage the possibilities available to them presidential decisions.

Special counter Trump was carried out by representatives of TN. “deep government” or “deep state”. This term usually refers to the intelligence community, consisting of former and current employees of special services, Pentagon, as well as close to them journalists and opinion leaders. It is believed, that it is configured negatively with respect to the current president and is responsible for many of the scandals, Trump pursuing this year. for example, for many “leakage” Information in the press: recording of telephone conversations, talks in the Oval Office, secret documents, probably, it is carried out by representatives “deep state”, having to do all the necessary tools and techniques.

Intelligence only for the president

Recently it became known that, that Trump's administration began in earnest to consider creation of a private intelligence organization, which will run parallel to the CIA and the Pentagon, and report directly to the president. The author of the initiative was the Erik Prince - comes from a very wealthy Midwestern family and the founder of the infamous Blackwater private military corporations. During the second term of George W. Bush, the Pentagon used Blackwater as a company subcontractor for certain tasks in the area of ​​logistics and security of its facilities. At this time, Blackwater employees were involved in several major scandals, related to the killings of Iraqi civilians and abuse of prisoners. Due to the image of Prince reeled company was forced to sell it, after which a new Blackwater management performed TN. “rebranding” and renamed the Academia.

Prince was kind of persona non grata in Washington for two terms of Barack Obama. He often criticized the policies of the previous president and accused in order “too soft” towards “America's enemies” and terrorists. However, with the arrival in the White House Trump Prins regained lost influence. Trump personally acquainted with Prince and considers him a friend. Sister Erica Prins - Betsy Devos (in virginity Prince) – He became Minister of Education in the team Trump. Prince often appears in the White House and give informal advice to the president and members of his Cabinet. This summer, he became the focus of attention in connection with his idea to resolve the Afghan conflict. Then he proposed to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, and to replace them send one or more private military corporations. According to Prince, the PMC can profitably operate in Afghanistan, if they allow it to engage in economic activities: eg, mining. And they will be able to achieve order in their turn to give it to them on “feeding” territory. Trump Administration considered the idea of ​​Prince, but in the end refused, considering it too radical.

Now the Prince proposes to create like PMCs private intelligence organization, which will consist of the current president of allies. In the implementation of this scheme it is helped by its longtime partner - a former senior CIA official Oliver North. When he worked as a member of the National Security Committee in the Reagan administration, North headed the notorious program of secret arms sales to Iran under the name “Iran-Contra”.


North and Prince believe, that US intelligence agencies in their current form are extremely inefficient and does not have sufficient flexibility to respond to the urgent threat. This is largely due to the fact, that they have to report to Congress and get permission to conduct many operations in federal court. The situation is aggravated by the fact, that many security officers do not fully loyal to the incumbent president. Like many other public servants, they have a negative attitude to the Trump and believe, that its ideology and political agenda is incompatible with their usual activities.

The founder of Blackwater sure, that Trump and the current head of the CIA Mike Pompeo (former Congressman from Kansas) there is every reason not to trust the agents of control. I agree with him and another colleague of Prince - a former CIA officer John McGuire, which now occupies a prominent position in a private military corporation Amyntor Group. McGwire was also one of the advisors Trump and was a member of his transit committee, formed immediately after the election 8 November 2016 g.

He already had the opportunity to engage in intelligence work commissioned by the White House. In the late spring of representatives of Trump team turned in its Amyntor corporation to conduct some intelligence activities in Afghanistan - to bypass the CIA and other intelligence officials. Also Amyntor experts are engaged in security in the Trump Hotel in Washington, where Trump is common with politicians and international leaders. obviously, there's a reason, why the White House in a responsible direction looks to the “private owners”, and not to the public security experts. First he trusts more than. Quite possible, that the involvement of private companies was the reason, that number has significantly decreased in recent months, “leak” varying secret information to the press – transcripts of documents or negotiations with third parties “secret”. While this was done only official security services, leakage occurred almost daily.

Protection against impeachment


Prince and McGwire already have at their disposal a fairly large number of employees, capable of carrying out intelligence activities. Officially, they are status “NIGHT” or “no official cover” – “without official cover”. They are not American citizens and have no official status scouts or spies. Network-related Prins private agents spread almost throughout the Middle East, including Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel, as well as Egypt and other countries of North Africa. However, to date, this is rarely fragmented team works together agents and does not have official orders from the US government, that Prince just wants to change. In the summer he decided to show the White House to the performance of their employees and was able to hold a few Middle Easterners, It has long been accused of terrorism. They were brought to the United States and handed over to the FBI.

According to McGuire, only their private intelligence organization is able to fully protect the president from all his enemies in the government and intelligence community official. If it will not be created, the “deep government” Trump would try to deprive his post before the end of first term. McGwire sure, CIA agents continue to conduct surveillance of Trump, his family and members of the team, trying to find any examples of illegal actions, and then “merge” the information received in press. McGwire even called one of the customers of such an operation: it may be a long-time opponent of the current US president, George Soros, known for his liberal positions.

Private communication with Russia

Of course, difficult to determine, that the remarks of McGwire – true, and that - an attempt to convince Trump to create the first private intelligence corporation. However, the fact, that the White House is already using the services of McGwire and Prince, in itself speaks about the seriousness of the presidential administration to develop this area. Jobs Prince and McGwire here can be not only in the implementation of any intelligence operations commissioned by the White House, but also in the conduct of important foreign policy events. No wonder Prince has mobilized itself as “unofficial representative” Trump in talks with some influential sheiks of the Persian Gulf, as well as the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev, in January of this year,. If Trump team officials participating in such negotiations would be a serious blow to the image, especially in light of the hysteria about any contacts with Russia, then the Prince and his agents would not amount to much trouble.



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