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Author's column: hardingush (@molonlabe) – Sacrifices are not in vain? - Hard Ingush (molonlabe)

24 November Ingushetia FSB special forces lost two. I do not even know how to write about it… I want to talk about, why officers killed.

The main reason for our losses in the, that we have to comply with the law. For the sake of its enforcement have to give the lead bandit.

I knew one of the dead, intersected at events. A very experienced and competent staff. I.e, a mistake he could not allow. But sometimes the lack of success the error does not affect. We can not use the weapon before the criminal – prosecutors and investigators SK longingly waiting for an opportunity to initiate criminal proceedings against us.

Therefore, home ownership is blocked, its peaceful inhabitants evacuated, a terrorist is given time for, to assess the situation, consider a plan of action, to prepare for the use of weapons and ammunition.

Will go on break or not go? Who used to shoot us or he? This lottery. It would seem logical to, you should have the right to open fire on the criminal, does not fulfill your legal requirements, if you have reason to believe, that he was armed. But in fact it should not just hold a gun in his hand, and even send it to you. While he just keeps – Try to defuse, type, wound, but, that he could not shoot, but not dead. When sofa experts write, type, You do not know how to work, they even have no idea about, why the situation is developing well, not otherwise. people perish, because the law forces them to be substituted under the bullets. To sympathize with terrorists then did not squeal on the Internet, that it was arbitrary executions. Try to take live in a situation of armed bandit, when the law requires, he began to shoot first.

AND, even if the offender shot, not fact, that you will not needlessly stress bad questions, type, where did the sleeve? I.e, you and the battle joined, i do not die, and find a sleeve. Just in case. Whatever you may be a professional, but you will always go on a calculated risk, because we have such a law. And in such boundary conditions – it is completely against you and on the side of the armed criminal. And when to destroy the terrorists everywhere heard the mournful howl of human rights defenders. When officers killed – silence. Once we know, why they died and what they sacrificed themselves. But we are silent.


Hard Ingush – Molonlabe
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  • anonym

    Very sorry guys! How many more such victims will, in favor of the imperfection of the law?

    23.12.2019 at 12:09 Reply