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Opervtor PMCs in Iraq recommends…

Tips fighter private military companies in Iraq.

“…I drove into a military convoy in armored Humvees, riding around Baghdad in the official white Fords without armor and informal toned Pajero local outfit, diplomats in armored suburbanah with vertolonym accompaniment.

Like everyone else, I made mistakes and was quite lucky, to write it all.

CUSTOMER: Learn to communicate with any client. Some believe the local cool guys, and the US Army - the focus of evil. Some will require, so that you are shooting at each left on a road cyclist. I've seen those, and other. Keep in mind their schedules and self-esteem. Do not neglect your own life. Do not let the client convince you "it's safe. I always do that "... if it's stupid, this is stupid. Again, If we prevent the client to make his case - we are in the shit. It's a fine line. Do not be too conservative and not to plunge. Yes, if the customer believes a good idea to ride a tea to Muslimov, the back streets around midnight - sometimes have to do it.

SNARYAGA: Carbine, Twelve stores to it, pistol, three stores to it, medicine chest, GPS, map and compass, radio with spare batteries, five hundred tanks, packed lunch, flask, DU, bronik and lags. It's a lot. In this hot. If this is too difficult for you, join a gym – our work is not for wimps.
Now I'll always wear a helmet. If it is, it on my head. The guy next to me fell with a bullet in the head, and it is for all of us settled the question. The convenient and compact helmet, more likely, what you put on it. Take on the MICH, or something like that.


AIMPOINT - fine (its battery lasts for six months), EOTEC - normal (too bright for my taste), ACOG best. Remember, reticle - 3MOA, and we regularly shoot more than three hundred meters. Last night had vytselivat mortar calculation seven hundred meters - fortunately, at hand was RMB. What I will advise? take ACOG, TA31F - this is the best investment of money.




Ammunition ... they do not deliver. I'd made a fortune, if I received penny every time, I hear the "uh-huh, guy, We have already ordered ten boxes, three days will be ". Or my favorite, "everything is in order, They are waiting for you in the destination country ". If you do not have good guns, rounds, armor and communications - simply say "no", How I would say Nancy Reagan.

Some offices - pieces of shit, and throw you in Iraq with the broken-down AK and a couple of shops, and some will pack you a first class. Personally, I prefer the above available, and the balance to a bank account. If I want to pack for three hundred tanks, I'll buy it myself. Remember, that the equipment is critical. Order the best and take care of it properly.

WEAPON: Take the biggest gun. Keep it clean and ready. TAKE a lot of bullets. Once it took me 14 shops, never thought, that this could be. Stores everywhere are stocking. If you work in the "green zone", you have enough of one or two stores, but if you leave it - no less than twelve.

Buy short M4, it will save your life. I have a 18-inch barrel assembly (upper), and, if necessary, I matured it to the bottom of the receiver (lower receiver), replacing them short. It's like having a choice of two carbines.
I also have a MK12 22-inch barrel, and Leupold sight for long shots.

TRAINING: I think, the most important and overlooked factor of survival – training. Every day, your team should develop algorithms of behavior in various situations. At least, do it with the shooting idle. We usually start with "what, if a…", and opinions about each guy every unforeseen accident. And we fulfill it in different environments.


Come to certain basic principles - and stick to them. Know the common goal and move towards it. for example, if the car is ambushed, the driver switches into neutral, the machine running track could pushed him out of the affected area.

many fire. Keep in shape. If the firm can not provide ammunition, Roddy IH. Shoot idle. Exercise to change store. In my memory three men shot, when they were busy with the shop Change, standing post or rarely changing position. Nalehayte in apposition, aiming. Basic skills - the foundation of victory. Grupppa iskusstovo War. Shoot on 800 meters and more. I know, that almost every battle takes place closer 150 m, but we do not just have to skirmish 800 meters and so. Shoot like more serve, and always beg for ammunition.

Remember, in the movie "We Were Soldiers" Sam Elliott in the role of Basil Plamni said - "if I need, it will bulk ", referring to weapons? He was right. Wounded and deserters throw it so much, that in two weeks we have accumulated PKK, WHITE, PTP, MK19, M249, M203, M4, SVD, and M60 ... it was fabulous ... which led me to the next - Be able to handle any weapon. If you can not shoot out of it, at least read the NSD. You never know, when it runs out 5,56 and will have to take up the RMB. Be familiar with them.

Before the short trip we had a fire drill testing of algorithms and leaving the vehicle. It was the best and most useful exercise of those, in which I participated. We spent abyss simulation ammunition transport scenarios ambush. We came to the unequivocal conclusion, that leaving the car - an important step for survival. Hide in it, or behind it – just wait for the shot from an RPG, which will put an end.

Therefore -model and exercise - although it is easier to say, than done. When the seven in the morning I'm on training, I just growl. But, I think, all agree, that their actions better to think and discuss on the basis of, than on the side of the road by the car, tuned from PCM.
TRANSPORT: Breakdown in Iraq - it's like a scene from a movie mustard. swimming, we know.

check the tires, butter, horyuchku, all the rest. And do not force your car. each contractor (mercenary - ca.. Trans.) will tell you, he's a great driver. the, that he can drive fast and do not dug - does not mean anything. Go extreme driving courses, and if not - let the guy behind the wheel, which they went. And let him teach her all tricks. Learn the process.


Practice change tires. grasp, you piled on top of the chute hundredweight load - this feeling, which I would not like to relive. Place the tow rope in each car, of lap his rear bumper, that he was ready to evacuate within a minute or so. Get a good jack, it is not worth more than money. Check out, everyone to know, where personal belongings for towing, replacement, repairs. Practice.

Always keep a travel plan. We always try to be secretive and smarter, than anyone else. Avoid major highways and roads, used by the military, tk. They - the main target. before, than leave, Look at the map, which does not use the army. Ask scouts (G2 is a hierarchical classification of NATO), why. In the glove compartment keep neprikasayki - Frag, smoke and gas. Here's a rule. DO NOT TOUCH Ceku, WHILE GRENADE IN THE CABIN! car tryahnot, and grenade falls on the road. small Beda. And if in the salon? mold.

Using gas and smoke. If you reinstall your stream and you have bad suspicions about the car behind, throw smoke. Most of the drivers will stop or at least relieve you a lot of space. It is effective and harmless. With careful use gas and never - in heavy traffic. See, how you catches a cloud - not a lot of fun. Gas – tough stuff, and I shall be applied only when without it there can not be dispensed. fragmentation? We all know, When the brothers for them.

I always prefer unarmored armored vehicles. Just common sense. If you roll unarmored - in the case are sandbags, steel plates and replacement armor plates where possible. Better, than nothing. Sneak polycarbonate windows with armored cars. As in the good old days, there is nothing that the enemy dares, as precise heavy fire. Think about the fuel consumption. Plan to stop to refuel and supply. Always keep a spare canister, just in case. Track fuel level, count, so it was enough.

Attach the visor on the US flag, so that no one saw, until you come to a roadblock. On the passenger side, do the same with signal VS17 material web. And warriors can bombard you even faster, than local pasties.

Take the car rations and water. NEVER throw food to children and / or candy. There are many reasons, but at least - it encourages them to jump out in front of car. Hit a child can complete your career. More likely, that attacked the car will be back - to plant the best shots with the big guns. Car door - not shelter. Vehicle - not shelter. (Hammer - a car.)

MEDICINE. Medical road prichindaly, they save lives. Office, where I work, spent on them a bunch of dollars, and it already saved three lives.
Conduct medical training. Add to this there is nothing. do this.
GOODIES: You arrive in June? I would take with him four pairs of lungs shoes, to change them frequently. Fifty pairs of socks. At least ten non-cotton T-shirts. Two pairs of sunglasses. Non-cotton T-shirts, if you wear them. (Author's comment - cotton does not burn, he chars. Pilots and crews of combat vehicles are of cotton. Polyester and nylon – "Sweating" Clothes, causes severe burns in case of fire,. Comment interpreter - for several years as there is a fire-resistant thermal underwear, such a shame not to know, it's bad to be like this.) Bunch of talc for feet, movie discs, sunscreen.

LOCATION: If you live in a trailer or cabin, find out, where is the nearest bunker. Trying to find it at four o'clock in the morning in a hurry - not an option. Yes, to come running all. People from "Delta", usually viciously mowing at all, follow frogmen in slippers. 120-millimeter mortars make us all very humble.
Zhrachka in my opinion terrible. I sometimes burst ration purely for variety. If you drink coffee - bring. Bag with soluble - its weight in gold. I wear trekking socks, pot is removed.

Insects one week concerned, the next they do not notice.
Things to remember:

Remember, that once you were all stupid little puppies. You had 450 tanks a month and could not do anything without a heap of orders. Remember this, because when you stervenet, that have 17 thousand a month, and the guys from the neighboring office - 17 500.
When it was in the states of the bosses you write, so you shaved clean – do it. You never know, when lit up at some stupid rag.
Where would you not swerved, carry your drink. It is the most valuable item. Would you fuck up, If I listed all, that traded with our sergeants (cm. anecdotal warrant - ed. Trans.) whiskey.

The soldiers came in a year's, and even more. They pay in blood for every dollar, and every day to deal with stupid dangerous garbage. Remember this, when you have to stay on 68 days, but not 60. And communicate normally with them, Well, at least you.
Of course, each of us will eventually work itself, but differs from the trade secret razved.dannyh. If you ran into on the highway zapodlyanu, write this e-mail to colleagues.

trust your instincts, it saves lives.

Be thick-skinned, accept criticism adequately. If something does not work, ask for advice.

Keep your Bronicas and his helmet.

Always have a spare battery for GPS. And always carry a map and compass. Know the map and check, whether all the team know the route.

Put on the rubber band gun belt, that he did not cling, when you leave the car.

Take a mosquito net and poncho podstozhku urban sniper position device. If you start to trust local - it's time to make the output.

Joining the fight ... finished his. If you shot someone, and he lay down, it can once again open fire. What started - finished.

Things, I am glad that, that took them: ACOG, short M4, its holster, its unloading, podstёzhka poncho, camping mat, compass, books.

Things, who would like to take: More socks, more shops, More t-shirts, more shoes, Spare parts for M4, kit for urban camouflage, more disks with movies.

Take care of the sense of humor. Stay cheerful people, with them even in the shitty situation easier”.

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