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Medinsky on negotiations with Ukraine in Turkey: If they give you an order, we’ll go

Medinsky on negotiations with Ukraine in Turkey: They will give you instructions – let's goAssistant to the Russian President Vladimir Medinsky did not rule out a trip to Turkey for potential negotiations with the Ukrainian side, if such an order is given.

Recall, that Medinsky headed the Russian delegation at the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations in Istanbul in the spring 2022 of the year.

If they give you an order, we’ll go- said the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Telegram channel Shot reports.

Earlier, Turkish leader Recep Erdogan said, that his country is ready to once again become a mediator between Moscow and Kiev and provide a platform for negotiations.

Late February-early March 2022 of the year, when the special military operation was just beginning, The first Russian-Ukrainian negotiations were held in Belarus. At the end of March of the same year, the parties gathered in Turkish Istanbul. However, these negotiations did not lead to anything.

As Ukrainian politician David Arakhamia admitted a year and a half after these negotiations, was part of the Ukrainian delegation at those negotiations, the parties were close to concluding an agreement, but Kyiv’s decision was influenced by the then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who suggested “just fighting”.

It should be added, that even today the Kyiv authorities and especially their Western patrons are not particularly eager to conduct peace negotiations, continue to repeat nonsense about access to the borderlands 1991 of the year.

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