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“The drone has become huge”: Turkish attack UAV Akıncı-C made its first flight

«The drone has become huge»: Turkish attack UAV Akıncı-C made its first flightThe Turkish defense industry continues to successfully create new unmanned systems. Modification Akıncı-C, being a new representative of the Akıncı TIHA UAV family, successfully completed its first flight.

As stated in SavunmaSanayiST, attack UAV Akıncı TIHA, developed by the Turkish company Baykar, continues its development. The variant Akıncı-B was created earlier, which used the PT6A-135A engine with power 750 HP. by Pratt&Whitney, while the basic version of Akıncı-A was equipped with an AI-450T power plant on 450 HP. Ukrainian production.

The latest modification Akıncı-C is equipped with two engines 850 hp, that is, it has a total power 1700 HP.

Akıncı-C will be the most efficient and combat-ready platform in its class. The drone has become huge- says the edition.

During the test, carried out 24 February, The UAV was in the air for more than 1 o'clock. Aerodynamic parameters were successfully tested during the flight. He was observed by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, among other officials., which the, apparently, interested in purchasing a new attack drone.

Baykar company 2023 year received from foreign trade transactions $1,8 billion. Over all the years of activity, it has signed export agreements with 33 countries, who purchased Bayraktar TB2 SIHA, and 9 States, who purchased Bayraktar Akıncı TIHA.

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