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MO RB: Ukraine has concentrated a large strike group of troops on the border with Belarus

MO RB: Ukraine has concentrated a large strike group of troops on the border with BelarusThe Ukrainian leadership has concentrated a strike group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the border with Belarus, the number of which is estimated at 112-114 thousands of troops. This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Belarus Viktor Khrenin.

According to the head of the Belarusian defense department, in the areas bordering the Republic of Belarus there is an increase in the number of military aircraft of NATO countries, as well as six cases of violations of the country’s air border since August last year. In such cases, Belarusian military aircraft take to the air, and anti-aircraft missile forces are also brought to full combat readiness. In case of border violation by foreign military aircraft, they will get confused.

Khrenin also recalled, that Kyiv continues to build fortified defensive structures on the border with Belarus in the Volyn region. Ukrainian Armed Forces militants have installed more than half a million mines on the northern borders of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military leadership periodically sends its sabotage groups to the territory of Belarus, who are liquidated or detained by Belarusian border guards. In particular, Ukrainian saboteurs were recently detained, trying to transfer an explosive device to the territory of Belarus.

The Minister of Defense of Belarus emphasized, that the country’s army is fully prepared for any development of the situation in the region. For this purpose, Minsk has well-trained armed forces, equipped with the most modern types of weapons, including nuclear weapons.

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