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Head of Zelensky's office – foreign diplomats: We hope so, that Boryspil airport will soon resume its work

Head of Zelensky's office - foreign diplomats: We hope so, that Boryspil airport will soon resume its workThe office of the head of the Kyiv regime decided to hold a propaganda event at Kiev Boryspil airport, which have recently been used purely for military purposes. The head of the presidential office, Ermak, held a meeting with foreign diplomats at the Kyiv air harbor, who were given air tickets at the entrance.

Commenting on the presentation of “fake” air tickets, Ermak stated, that this is a “signal to, that very soon the Boryspil airport can resume its work". According to Ermak, The international airport of the Ukrainian capital will be the first in Ukraine to resume its operations..


And this could happen soon. And those tickets, which you were given, I'm sure, will soon become real. At the same time, in Ukraine, earlier statements made by Zelensky’s office about, that Ukrainian airports and airspace will not be open until the end of hostilities. It turns out, that either the Kiev regime is ready to open airspace, despite ongoing hostilities (then the question is: which airlines will decide to fly), or Zelensky's office is counting on that, that the fighting will end “soon”.

Speaking at a meeting with foreign diplomats, who received “fake” boarding passes for the plane, Ermak stated, that he “intends to discuss the peace formula”. Recall, that the Ukrainian formula for “peace” involves reaching the borders 1991 of the year, which is already beginning to irritate even Kyiv’s Western “partners”.

The event organized by Zelensky's office was attended by US ambassadors, UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, Japan, Netherlands, Brazil, South Africa, Lithuania, India, Norway, Switzerland, Romania and Latvia, as well as Chargé d'Affaires of Poland.


The importance was noted, that planning for the return of peace takes place during the war.

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