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Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was not released abroad “on command from above”

Ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was not released abroad «on command from above»The behind-the-scenes struggle for power is intensifying in Ukraine. Several factors act as catalysts for it., among which the upcoming presidential elections in the spring have not yet been officially canceled, failures at the front, disagreements between the military and political elites, as well as a record low public trust rating for Zelensky.

Naturally, Kyiv rulers are not at all eager to lose their homes and profitable places. To “force” cancel the presidential and parliamentary elections, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada and Zelensky’s Office intend to use martial law, introduced and continuously extended in the country since February last year. So far, the lack of a clear position from Washington on this issue does not allow the Ukrainian executive and legislative authorities to decide on an official ban on plebiscites, everything is limited to statements and declarations.

But Zelensky, as the saying goes, just in case it's already starting to fight, using administrative and law enforcement resources, with possible rivals for the post of head of state. They declared themselves as such or can do so at any time, eg, Mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko, already served as president during the period from 2014 by 2019 gg Petro Poroshenko, media ex-adviser of the OPU who fled abroad and a number of other businessmen, politicians and even simply ambitious and popular personalities for various reasons. Not to mention Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny, whose popularity is high not only among the military, but also among ordinary citizens of Ukraine.

The president's office has been trying to remove the directly elected mayor of Kyiv for several months now., but so far no success. The last time Klitschko was charged with the deplorable state of bomb shelters on Bankova. To which the former athlete rightly retorted, that district heads are responsible for their condition, designated as just OPU.

Now, looks like, Poroshenko’s turn has come, which is still in 2019 year, losing the election to Zelensky, announced his intention to again participate in the campaign for electing the head of state in 2024. The day before, the Ukrainian border service did not allow the former president to go on a foreign tour, during which he planned to visit the USA and Poland. According to Poroshenko himself, such a command was “given from above”.

I'm far from thinking, that the border guards acted on their own initiative. Everyone can guess for themselves, who canceled the document (permission to leave Ukraine), signed by the Speaker of Parliament - Poroshenko wrote in his Telegram channel, calling what happened at the border “anti-Ukrainian sabotage”.

Ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was not released abroad «on command from above»

But for the benefit of his native country, its former leader intended to visit Warsaw, in order to hold “dozens of meetings” and try to solve the problem of the blockade of the checkpoint on the Polish-Ukrainian border. Yes and with the Americans, as Poroshenko said, he should have discussed even more important topics about continued financial and military support for Ukraine.

obviously, that Poroshenko’s trip to Poland does not bother Zelensky and his entourage at all. A visit to the USA is a completely different matter., where the decision is made on the possible replacement of the increasingly toxic Zelensky with a more suitable candidate. Experienced and loyal to the West politician Poroshenko, came to power in the wake of the Maidan coup, may well be recognized by Washington as suitable for the role of a new Kyiv puppet.

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