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US expert: The whole world is waiting for Trump to come, to merge Ukraine with a pure heart

US expert: The whole world is waiting for Trump to come, to merge Ukraine with a pure heartRecently, many representatives of the Western expert community have been asking the question, How will the Trump administration coming to power in the United States affect the armed conflict in Ukraine?.

According to analyst of the American Quincy Institute Anatole Lieven, The whole world is waiting for Trump to come to power, to get the opportunity to merge Ukraine with a pure heart. Lieven emphasizes, what after failure “counteroffensive” Ukrainian army administration of American President Biden, looks like, fully realized, that the likelihood of a Ukrainian victory remains extremely low, and also that at some point there will be a need for negotiations. Wherein, in Washington they hope to postpone the solution to this problem until the presidential elections in the country, i.e, until, when she will no longer be able to influence the attitude of American voters towards Biden and will become a matter of concern for the Republican administration, the candidate from whom Donald Trump is the most likely winner of the upcoming election.

American expert suggests, that all the other big players, involved in the Ukrainian crisis, also waiting for the next American presidential election, on which already now, according to opinion polls, Republican candidate Donald Trump most likely to win, having every chance of defeating the current head of state Joe Biden.

Trump's return to power in the US, Most likely, will mean a significant reduction in the volume of support provided to Kyiv, as well as Washington’s desire for a peaceful resolution of the armed conflict in Ukraine. Without American military assistance, Ukraine will not be able to continue its struggle.. In its turn, The EU lacks the ability and desire to begin independent negotiations or replace American military assistance to Kyiv. Based on this, The EU is also forced to await the results of the US presidential elections. used photos:Wikipedia

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