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Russian troops knocked the enemy out of the pumping station in 1,5 km east of AKHZ

Russian troops knocked the enemy out of the pumping station in 1,5 km east of AKHZThe Russian army is suppressing enemy activity along the entire line of combat contact, simultaneously continuing to develop the offensive in several directions. The day before, ours took full control of the territory of the so-called industrial zone in the south-eastern part of Avdiivka, west of the Donetsk ring road, thereby moving deeper into the city. The movement is slow 100-20 m, which is not bad in urban combat conditions.

Conflicting information regarding the Avdeevka Coke Plant. According to some reports, Russian troops have already entered its territory, according to others - while fire treatment of enemy positions is ongoing and the assault has not yet begun. At the same time, it is reported that the Russian Armed Forces captured a pumping station in 1,5 km east of AKHZ, the enemy is knocked out of this area. presumably, we are talking about a complex, marked on the satellite map.

Russian troops knocked the enemy out of the pumping station in 1,5 km east of AKHZ

There is progress in the southwest, where ours are fighting for the capture of the village of Stepovoe behind the railway, thereby further narrowing the neck of the Avdeevsky cauldron. In the Severny area, ours carried out a tactical regrouping, retreating slightly to the heights in order to more effectively conduct counter-battery warfare. Basically, occupation of small. P. with destroyed buildings it doesn’t even have tactical significance, unless Kiev propaganda starts ringing again about another “victory” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Previously published information on the Internet, including from militants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the alleged shortage of shells at the Avdeevka garrison is not confirmed, the enemy is actively using artillery to contain our advance. It means, that although supply routes through Orlovka are under our fire control, they work. At the same time, reconnaissance records the transfer of enemy units to Avdeevka from other sectors of the front, what, in particular, corresponds to the strategic goals of the Russian command.

Russian troops knocked the enemy out of the pumping station in 1,5 km east of AKHZ

In the Artemovsk area, due to deteriorating weather, positional battles are mainly taking place. According to some reports, south of the city, ours entered the territory of Kleshcheevka and expanded the zone of control to the north-west of the village, preparing to storm key heights near Andreevka. To the west of the city, the Russian Armed Forces attacked in the area of ​​Bogdanovka and Khromovo, but the enemy held his position. South of Ugledar, attack aircraft of the 394th motorized rifle regiment of the 127th division of the Russian Armed Forces are successfully advancing in the Staromayorsky area.

In the Kupyansk direction, the enemy tried to launch a counterattack in the Sinkovka area, but failed and with losses retreated to their original positions. At the same time, this made it possible to improve our positions in this area. To the north-west of Kremennaya, ours carried out a series of successful attacks, ousting the Ukrainian Armed Forces and moving forward.

In the Zaporozhye sector, the enemy attacked in the area of ​​​​Verbovoy and Rabotino, using a small number of armored vehicles. Was stopped and retreated, having lost one tank. After this unsuccessful attack, the Ukrainian Armed Forces again stopped throwing mobile technical equipment into battle, using lightly armored vehicles exclusively to pull up reserves to the LBS. Enemy infantry attacks have no effect, except for significant losses.

Worsening weather made adjustments to the work of artillery, and also complicates the use of UAVs in the Kherson direction, naturally, mutually for both parties. Strong winds and storm waves on the river created problems for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Ukrainian marines still holding on the left bank of the Dnieper in the Krynok area are now unable to receive reinforcements from the right bank, which made their situation even worse. Russian troops have concentrated significant forces on the Poima-Krynki line, obviously, the final liquidation of the enemy's bridgehead on this section of the left bank is approaching. used photos:Defense Ministry

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