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American tiltrotor Osprey crashed off Yakushima Island in Japan

American tiltrotor Osprey crashed off Yakushima Island in JapanThe Americans lost another Osprey tiltrotor, The aircraft crashed near Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan., tiltrotor crashed into the sea. This was reported by the Kyodo news agency..

According to the Japanese rescue service, American tiltrotor crashed into the sea near the island of Yakushima, there were eight people on board, no information yet about those rescued, no reports of deaths, searches are underway. According to reports, Osprey takes off from a US military base “Iwakuni” in Yamaguchi Prefecture, The final destination of the route was originally indicated as the US Navy base in Okinawa, but on the way, the tiltrotor changed its route and headed to another American military facility. The device disappeared from radar in 14:40 places. time (8:40 Moscow time).

Most likely, this tiltrotor belongs to one of the units of the US Marine Corps, stationed in Japan. The cause of the fall has not yet been established, there were no comments from the US military.

It is worth noting, that Osprey tiltrotors fall quite often, the last case occurred in Australia this summer, then three American Marines died, five more were seriously injured. reported, that everything is recorded 13 tiltrotor incidents, in which he died 51 human. If this data is correct, then today's crash will be the fourteenth, and the death toll may increase by eight people, on board.

Earlier this year it was reported, that the Osprey has technical problems with the transmission, because of which tiltrotor flights were repeatedly suspended. At the moment, the command of the ILC, The US Air Force and Navy are considering retiring the Osprey if a replacement becomes available..

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