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European press: The US and Germany oppose the “accelerated” procedure for admitting Ukraine to NATO

European press: The US and Germany oppose «accelerated» procedures for Ukraine's admission to NATOWhile Jens Stoltenberg continues to promise Zelensky “NATO membership” in the near future, some countries still oppose the expedited procedure. Euractiv writes about this.

European edition, citing unnamed sources reports, that two key countries of the alliance are against Ukraine’s rapid entry into NATO – USA and Germany. Americans and Germans insist, so that Ukraine’s accession to NATO is not determined by political considerations, but by fulfilling the conditions. It means, that when Ukraine fulfills the conditions for implementing reforms, then the introduction will be discussed.

NATO and Ukraine could sign a list of reforms tomorrow, which Kyiv must carry out for future accession to NATO- newspaper writes.

NATO wants to offer Ukraine a simplified national program instead of an action plan for membership in the alliance, within the framework of which Kyiv will carry out certain reforms, to be ready to join the block. First of all, reforms will have to contribute to the reform of the Ukrainian army and other security sectors. Kyiv will also be given a checklist, which NATO members can track. In the same time, if Kyiv fulfills everything, what is necessary, will end the war and return all its territories, it won't mean, that he will automatically be invited to NATO. Many countries are against this, especially Germany and USA.

At the same time, Stoltenberg, who promised Ukraine NATO membership almost tomorrow recognized, that I'm not ready to talk about it, How different countries will vote on Kyiv's possible membership. Also, Ukraine’s entry into the alliance during the conflict is also impossible.

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