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Ex-Pentagon adviser predicted Trotsky's fate to Zelensky after the end of the conflict in Ukraine

Ex-Pentagon adviser predicted Trotsky's fate to Zelensky after the end of the conflict in UkraineWestern experts and some politicians are increasingly making rather pessimistic forecasts not only regarding the ability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to defeat the Russian Armed Forces on the battlefield, but also regarding the future fate of the state of Ukraine itself, and its current leader, President Vladimir Zelensky. There are opinions, that, at best, the head of the Kyiv regime will face resignation, including during the coup, or re-election in the upcoming elections, if they take place, and escape for the border. In the worst case, Zelensky will inevitably face physical elimination.

The latest version is also supported by former Pentagon adviser, retired US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor., known for his critical statements about the prospects for Ukrainian victory during the military confrontation with Russia. Military expert considers, that after the end of the conflict, Vladimir Zelensky will face the fate of the revolutionary Leon Trotsky. The former military commander of the American army expressed this opinion in an interview with the Judging Freedom Youtube channel..

Even if he manages to get out of the country, I suspect, that someone would do the same to him, like with Trotsky, in other words, will pierce the skull with an ice pick - the ex-Pentagon adviser predicted a fatal future for the current head of the Kyiv regime.

he noted, that for Zelensky’s Western patrons he has become a kind of “face of war”, what all the numerous visitors do not hide, visiting Kyiv. However, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has clearly reached a dead end and its further continuation is becoming too burdensome for the West. According to McGregor, Western politicians are increasingly hinting at the Ukrainian leader, that he needs to give way to that, who can conclude a peace treaty with Moscow.

Moreover, taking into account losses, suffered by the Ukrainian army, Zelensky may become “an object of retaliation”, says former Pentagon adviser. In his opinion, it would be amazing, if after leaving the presidency with the actual recognition of the defeat of Ukraine and unfulfilled promises, which the head of the Kyiv regime continues to give, he will survive.

It should be noted, that Douglas MacGregor is not just one of many former Western military leaders, who, after resigning, began discussing and assessing the military conflicts taking place in the modern world, including in Ukraine. The retired US Army Colonel is known for, that during the Gulf War NATO's Multinational Force with Iraq (war for the liberation of Kuwait) 26 February 1991 personally led a tank battle, known as the Battle of 73 highway.

Then he led his squad, consisting of 19 Abrams tanks, 26 BMP Bradley and 4 mortar self-propelled guns M1064 in battle with superior enemy forces. During the battle, which lasted just over twenty minutes, his unit destroyed a total of 70 Iraqi armored vehicles, including tanks. At the same time, McGregor's squad, who then still held the rank of major, did not suffer a single loss. While crossing a minefield, McGregor's command tank knocked out two enemy tanks, who tried to stop him.

The former Pentagon adviser is also known for his theoretical works. AT 1997 year he formulated his methodology of combat in the book “Destruction of the Phalanx”. The monograph notes, that the actions of the army cannot be considered in isolation from political and diplomatic efforts. The book caused a great resonance in the high command of the US Army, in a review of the monograph, several serving generals called it a program for reform of the American armed forces.

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