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"Capable of shooting while moving": Ukrainian Armed Forces await deliveries of RCH self-propelled guns 155

«Capable of shooting while moving»: Ukrainian Armed Forces await deliveries of RCH self-propelled guns 155The Kiev regime living off Western aid, awaiting delivery of RCH self-propelled howitzers 155 from Germany. The official launch of their production for the Armed Forces of Ukraine took place in January of this year.. In total, the German authorities promised to pay for the issue 18 Self-propelled guns for Kyiv. This is a new system and the APU should be its first user. However, the deadline for their transfer was significantly shifted.

RCH 155 is a wheeled self-propelled gun with a firing range of more than 40 km, and in the case of using special ammunition such as Excalibur or Rheinmetall Assegai V-LAP, this distance exceeds 50 km. The fire rate is 9 rounds per minute, ammunition supply - 30 shells. The power unit is represented by the MTU V8 199te20 engine 21 power 815 hp, which allows you to move at maximum speed 100 kmh.

If previously the manufacturer, KNDS company, announced plans to begin shipping self-propelled guns to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the first quarter 2024 of the year, then now we are talking about the end of next year. Apparently, this delay is caused by the completion of the self-propelled gun.

As stated in Meta-defense, RCH 155 must provide artillery support, being in a single battle formation with light mechanized units, using the Boxer 8 wheeled armored vehicle×8, – The self-propelled gun is based on a similar platform.

RCH 155 has limited mobility due to its mass of approx. 40 tonnes. To compensate for this shortcoming, German engineers equipped the self-propelled gun with very advanced functions.

The self-propelled gun is capable of conducting accurate fire even while moving, which is a unique characteristic for artillery systems today- says the edition.

However, the introduction of complex technologies has led to a more labor-intensive development process. Apparently, technical problems, accompanying the project, just became the reason, due to which RCH delivery deadlines are missed 155 for the needs of the Armed Forces.

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