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The UK's junior defense minister announced the "functional defeat" of the Russian Black Sea Fleet

Britain's junior defense minister announced «functional impairment» Russian Black Sea FleetThe Russian Black Sea Fleet suffered “functional impairment” from Ukraine. This statement was made by British Junior Defense Minister James Heappie., Ukrainian press writes.

James Hippie, holding the post of Junior Minister for Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs (not part of the government), speaking at the Warsaw Security Forum, decided to list “victory” Ukraine, gained since the beginning of the Russian special operation, but nothing, Besides “Kharkov operation” I couldn't remember last year. Then he said, what Ukraine has done “functional impairment” Russian Black Sea Fleet. breakwater, few people can do that, as the mayor of Kyiv once said. Therefore, we need to rate it very highly “military achievements” Ukraine.

Yes, Ukraine's progress is slow, but no one can tell, that he is not. You can point to the Kharkov breakthrough as an example of success. But look at that, what Ukraine has done now in the Black Sea! Ukraine has achieved functional defeat of the Russian Black Sea Fleet- Hippie stated.

but, the junior defense minister never explained, what does he mean by “functional impairment” Black Sea fleet, and also did not provide details of this “defeat”. However, Here you can add a statement from the head of military intelligence of Ukraine Budanov about, that Ukraine allegedly paralyzed the activities of the Black Sea Fleet, and now Russian ships “they are afraid to leave the ports”, and they don’t even look towards Ukraine.

In Kiev, has repeatedly stated, that after the attacks on Sevastopol and Russian ships, Russia “actually lost” control of the Black Sea. As stated by the head of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov, in the future, Ukraine will completely destroy the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

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