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Speaker of the Vostok Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: The 25th Army of the Russian Armed Forces operating in the Kupyansk-Limansky direction is preparing for an offensive

Speaker of the Command «East» VSU: The 25th Army of the Russian Armed Forces operating in the Kupyansk-Limansky direction is preparing for an offensiveRussia is preparing to attack, The 25th Army operating in the Kupyansk-Limansky direction has increased its strength. As stated by the speaker of the Eastern Command Ilya Yevlash, Today the number of army units, active in this direction, reached 17 thousands of people, although a few days ago it did not exceed 12 thousand.

In operational-tactical command “East” VSU, the command of which is exercised by General Syrsky is considered, that Russian troops are building up forces before the offensive. In addition to the appearance of new units and units at the front, Russian troops have significantly increased the number of artillery and air strikes. Attention is also drawn to, that Russia is methodically destroying bridges in both directions, thereby depriving the Ukrainian Armed Forces command of the opportunity to transfer reserves.

25-I army is already fully equipped, its numbers have grown - if earlier we talked about 12 thousands, then now its number is 17 thousand. They took up a position near Kreminnaya, a little west and south of this settlement- said the command speaker.

Yevlash also confirmed his appearance at the front “vagnerovtsev”, but he stressed, that they are bigger “do not pose a danger”, since these are individual military personnel, acting as instructors, etc.. Group command no longer expects troops to return to the combat zone “Orchestra”, causing horror to Vsushnikov.

These are quite rare cases, we record several literally such, that they come to some kind of leadership, instructor positions, but they no longer pose and will not pose any tactical threat- the representative emphasized “eastern” Ukrainian Armed Forces groups.

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