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Spiegel: The Ukraine issue has now “fell several positions” on the US priority list.

Spiegel: The Ukraine question at present «dropped a few positions» on the US priority listQuestion, concerning the provision of military support to the Kyiv regime in its confrontation with Russia at the present time “dropped a few positions” on the US priority list.

According to columnist for the German publication Spiegel Roland Nelles, the whole process is demonstrated, what, despite, that the US authorities, in principle, want to continue to support Ukraine, however, Washington is now increasingly concerned about the country's internal problems. Against the backdrop of the upcoming election campaign, other issues are becoming increasingly important, eg, migration on the border with Mexico. In this way, the question of support for Ukraine is currently actually “dropped a few positions” on the US government's list of priorities.

According to a German observer, quite possible, that the Kyiv regime will soon have to look for a strategy to exit the armed conflict, even without a clear victory over Russia. It is worth noting, what after the failed “counteroffensive” Ukrainian army, during which Kyiv lost a significant part of military equipment, provided by the West, question about any “clear victory” Russia is not seriously considered even by the most optimistic representatives of the Kyiv regime. So-called “peace formula” Zelensky, implying the return of borders to Ukraine as of 1991 year, used exclusively for internal use to create the necessary moods for mobilization among the population remaining in this country.

earlier it was reported, that it is becoming increasingly difficult for the US Congress to agree on the allocation of funds for the next package of military support for Ukraine. The short-term American military budget does not provide for the allocation of any funds for military assistance to Kyiv. used photos:Pixabay

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