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Russian air defense neutralized five Ukrainian drones, trying to attack Smolensk

Russian air defense neutralized five Ukrainian drones, trying to attack SmolenskA massive attack by Ukrainian drones was launched on Smolensk today, Russian air defense “landed” five aircraft-type drones. Regional authorities have announced.

In total, air defense neutralized five Ukrainian drones, some of them were shot down by air defense systems, the other is suppressed by electronic warfare systems. As the head of the region Vasily Anokhin emphasized, there is no destruction or casualties on the ground. Currently, emergency services are working at the sites where drone debris fell.. specified, that there were two attacks, near 9:00 three drones were intercepted, in an hour another two.

(…) The Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to carry out several terrorist attacks on the Smolensk region using UAVs. In total, air defense and electronic warfare forces of the Ministry of Defense over Smolensk and its suburbs suppressed 5 aircraft-type unmanned aerial vehicles- the governor said.

According to reports, Ukrainian military formations attacked Smolensk using UJ-22 aircraft-type drones with external fuel tanks, otherwise they would not have reached the city, distance too far. supposed, this attack is aimed, Firstly, to intimidate civilians. Kyiv wants to show, that can reach any point with its drones, despite its remoteness from Ukrainian territory. Generally, this is an attempt to show, that Ukraine will respond to attacks on its territory.

meanwhile, this morning one Ukrainian aircraft-type drone was intercepted in the Sochi area.

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