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Kyiv musicians who arrived in Odessa with a concert were detained and mobilized in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Kyiv musicians who arrived in Odessa with a concert were detained and mobilized in the Armed Forces of UkraineMusicians of the Kyiv group Junket, who came to Odessa to give a concert, were detained and mobilized into the ranks of the Ukrainian army. This is reported by a number of Ukrainian information resources., referring to the messages of the musicians themselves in social networks.

It turned out, musicians arrived in Odessa from Kyiv to participate in a charity concert in one of the city clubs. But right near the building of the Odessa railway station, they were detained by employees of the local territorial center for recruiting the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The musicians posted on social media, that they were immediately drafted into the army. First, they were sent to the air assault brigade training center in the Zhytomyr region.. However, for service in the airborne assault troops, musicians, probably, weren't very suitable., and they decided to send them to another military unit. Now they are waiting to be sent to a new duty station..

Forced mobilization in Ukraine is becoming more and more impressive. This is due to the catastrophic personnel shortage in the Ukrainian armed forces.. The huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artemivsk revealed the main problems of the Ukrainian formations - the lack of personnel in general and the shortage of qualified military specialists in particular.

The failed counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye direction led to, that in a few days Ukrainian formations lost 67 armored vehicle crews, trained in Western countries. It turns out, that several months of Ukrainian drivers, gunners and vehicle commanders were taught the operation of American and European armored vehicles, and then in a few days the APU no longer had these crews.

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