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"The combination of weapons systems is unparalleled": in the Western press comment on the work of the BMD-4M to destroy the point of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from a long distance

«The combination of weapons systems is unmatched»: in the Western press comment on the work of the BMD-4M to destroy the point of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from a long distanceOne of the products of the Russian defense industry, developed in recent years, is BMD-4M. Along with other novelties of the domestic military-industrial complex, this airborne combat vehicle is actively used in the Ukrainian conflict. Its effective use in confrontation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine attracted the attention of the Western press..

BMD-4M armed with a 100 mm gun, capable of firing ATGMs, 30-mm automatic cannon and machine guns. This allows you to hit a wide range of targets., from armored vehicles to fortified positions. This combination of weapons systems is unmatched among infantry fighting vehicles.- according to World Defense News.

Pointed to the "remarkable mobility" of the machine, which is capable of high speeds and demonstrates impressive off-road performance:

This allows the machine to be very maneuverable in various terrains., ensuring rapid response to changing combat conditions. It is able to quickly capture and hold the most important points, such as crossroads, bridges and strategically important objects. This one can undermine [front integrity] and isolate the supply lines of the APU, which is potentially capable of changing the strategic balance in favor of the Russian troops., that the BMD-4M lacks heavy protection, which makes it more vulnerable to anti-tank weapons.

A video is given as an example of the effective operation of the BMD-4M, published by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. On it, the vehicle fires from a 100-mm BMD-4M cannon from closed positions from a long distance at target designation from a drone. As a result of the shooting, which was corrected from the UAV, succeeded in destroying an enemy observation post from a distance of approximately 4 km.

This scenario highlights the strategic advantage, which BMD-4M can provide during hostilities- noted in the edition, commenting on the work of the combat vehicle.

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