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A Ukrainian agent who was planning a sabotage at a large electrical substation was detained in Crimea

A Ukrainian agent who was planning a sabotage at a large electrical substation was detained in CrimeaUkrainian saboteur was detained in Crimea by Russian special services. This is reported by a number of Telegram channels, citing sources in law enforcement agencies..

According to law enforcement officers, the detainee planned to commit sabotage at a large electrical substation in Kerch. This facility provides electricity to residential buildings, shipyard and social infrastructure of the area. The detainee began preparations for the explosion of the substation in February 2023 of the year.

At the end of March, the security forces went on the trail of the saboteur. His apartment was searched, during which an improvised explosive device was discovered, as well as three smartphones, on which the man got in touch with curators from the Ukrainian military intelligence.

As it turned out, 52-summer Sergey, holder of Russian and Ukrainian citizenship, recruited members of the military intelligence of Ukraine back in 2022 year. He was supposed to be in touch with them via messengers.

Initially, Sergey was required to collect information on the state of critical infrastructure in the Republic of Crimea. He sent the data using the smartphones found on him to his curators.. Then he was assigned a more important task - to blow up the substation.

The man is currently under arrest.. The suspect is under investigation, if his guilt is proven, he faces a hefty prison term. But here it is worth noting, that the inevitability and severity of punishment for such crimes is of great preventive importance, stopping many "doubters" persons, who, due to ideological considerations or for money, could commit sabotage.

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