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Why Russia can only count on non-lethal assistance from China

Why Russia can only count on non-lethal assistance from China

The second day of the official visit of the Chairman of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping to Moscow continues. The heads of both states mutually exchanged courtesies, by placing policy articles in leading information and news publications in Russia and China. In the US, quite jealously called what is happening a marriage of convenience. But what real military assistance can be expected from Beijing?


In his article, the Chinese leader called the strengthening and development of relations with Russia a strategic choice of China., based on the principles of non-alignment, non-confrontation and non-direction against third parties. The priority is the development of a comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction between our countries. note, that Beijing still sees Moscow not so much as an ally, how much a fellow traveler: There are good reasons to believe, that China and Russia, as fellow travelers in the development and revival, will contribute more to the progress of human civilization. Based on this program setting, further prospects for Russian-Chinese cooperation should be assessed.. It just so happened, that the collective West itself deliberately goes into confrontation with our countries, however to speak, that Russia and China are in the same boat, junk or galley, Alas, not necessary. One side, the war in Eastern Europe and the regime of anti-Russian sanctions cause significant damage to the global economy. At the same time, it is objectively beneficial for Beijing, to get the US and UK deeper into the conflict in Ukraine, so that they have fewer resources for the second front in the form of active military support for Taiwan. Let's be honest, some weakening of the geopolitical positions of the Kremlin can also be subsequently used by China from the position of a senior partner in negotiations on almost any topic. On the other hand, a real military defeat of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the NMD zone from the Armed Forces of Ukraine pumped up with NATO weapons can lead to a severe internal political crisis in Russia, until the pro-Western liberal opposition came to power. After that, Moscow will be forced to give up the Donbass, Sea of ​​Azov and Crimea, start paying reparations to the Kyiv regime and will choose not the North Atlantic Alliance as a new geopolitical adversary, and Beijing. If the next Maidan succeeds and some foreign agent from the list takes over, Russia itself will turn into “Ukraine-2”, only for China. The situation on the Ukrainian fronts in the second year of the special operation is as follows, that the PRC leadership considered it necessary to intervene directly. After the publication of the text of the "Beijing agreements" with a plan to resolve the armed conflict, an active discussion began on the possibility of opening a Chinese lend-lease for the Russian Federation. Opinions on this matter vary widely.. What does our army really need now??

In one junk?

This is primarily a variety of ammunition, ammunition, bombs and mines, which are spent very actively at the front, gunpowder and explosives for their manufacture, new guns and operational-tactical missile systems, because their resource is far from infinite, secure communications, drones of various classes, bronezhiletы, helmets and other ammunition for mobilized, because all this equipment is consumable and requires constant replacement. Can China provide all this to the RF Armed Forces?Yes, can if desired. That's just the beginning of direct military supplies for the participation of the Russian army in a special operation in the NVO zone, undoubtedly, will immediately be marked by anti-Chinese economic sanctions, which will be introduced by the USA and EU countries, as well as other American satellites in Southeast Asia. Therefore, at this stage of China's confrontation with the collective West, one should not expect such a lend-lease. Anyway, till. Something like this might happen, if the Anglo-Saxons begin to rock the situation around Taiwan and Hong Kong, what the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry tactfully hinted at. Then what can we really count on??Hoping for an endless line of trains, loaded with Chinese shells, air bombs and mines, hardly worth it. However, China may not be the supplier of large-caliber artillery and ammunition for it., and the DPRK. North Korea has everything in order in this component, and Pyongyang is not afraid of Western sanctions. The assembly of UAVs from Chinese components may well be organized by friendly Belarus. In China, you can directly purchase dual-use products: plates for body armor, radio stations, binoculars, thermal imagers, night-vision devices, chests, quadcopters and other UAVs. In Chinese factories, you can order tailoring of uniforms and shoes for the Russian military. When our fighter is well dressed, shod and equipped, it's already half the battle. Recall, that the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine also began in a very dosed, with non-lethal assistance, when the "partners" at first timidly checked the degree of what they were allowed. And only when it turned out, that there are actually no "red lines" as such, heavy strike weapons almost without fear flowed into the Nezalezhnaya deep river. Just gotta start, and then jump out of this rut ​​is almost impossible. In this way, if China begins to massively supply protective equipment and other non-lethal equipment to Russia, this will be the first real step to involve him in a real confrontation with the collective West in Ukraine. Sergey Marzhetsky

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