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The US is preparing a color revolution in India

The US is preparing a color revolution in India

A series of suspicious events

The British Financial Times reported, that American billionaire George Soros, speaking at the Munich Security Conference, He stated, that Indian conglomerate Adani Group CEO Gautama Adani and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are "close allies". Soros believes, what problems, faced by the Indian holding, "substantially weaken Modi's grip on the federal government of India" and "open the door for much-needed institutional reforms".

The US is preparing a color revolution in India

Gautama Adani

Soros lays out his allegations against Modi: India is an interesting case. This is democracy, but its leader Narendra Modi is not a democrat… Incitement to violence against Muslims was an important factor in its meteoric rise… Modi maintains a close relationship as open, as well as closed communities. India is a member “Quartet”, which also includes Australia, USA and Japan, but she buys a lot of Russian oil at a big discount and earns a lot of money from it”.

“Gautam Adani’s woes will spur ‘democratic resurgence in India… Modi and business tycoon Adani are close allies; their destinies are intertwined… Adani accused of stock fraud, his shares collapsed, like a house of cards. Modi is silent on the matter., but he will have to answer questions from foreign investors and in parliament. This will significantly loosen Modi's stranglehold on the Indian federal government and open the door for much-needed institutional reforms.", Soros said, effectively calling for a change of political regime in India.

The US is preparing a color revolution in India

Soros is old, rich, self-confident person, sitting in New York, who still thinks, that his views should determine, how the world works", – Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar said in response to the attacks of the American billionaire, who called Soros "dangerous".

"It [Soros' statement] is not an attempt to harm the image of India. If you listen carefully, then he talks about regime change. India has always dealt with foreign powers, when she was challenged, and she will continue to fight them back in the future.", Smriti Irani, India's Human Resources Development Minister, said, which, together with Modi, is in the ruling in India since 2014 Bharatiya Janata Party.

Adani Group is one of the largest Indian conglomerates, leader in energy, agriculture and defense industry. CEO Gautama Adani recently, according to Bloomberg, ranked second in the list of the richest people in the world with a fortune $128 billion.

Adani Group has grown at a "breakneck pace" in recent years: growth of Adani Enterprises in five years amounted to 2500% - mainly due to speed, with which the conglomerate opened new campaigns. Adani's fortune grew just as rapidly.. According to Forbes, it has increased from $8,9 billion 2020 godu to $125 billion by January 2023.

Western media attributed the group's rapid growth and capitalization to Gautama Adani's close personal ties to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi..

24 January American investment research company (investment research firm) Hindenburg Research published an investigation on 106 pages about the Adani Group conglomerate. After that, the total capitalization of companies, belonging to the Adani Group, lost $118 billion market value per week (on 3 February 2023 city), and its founder Gautama Adani dropped out of the list of the richest people in the world..

Prior to this, Hindenburg Research published insider information on Chinese companies WINS Finance and China Metal Resources Utilization, crashing their shares.

This is how they attacked China Metal Resources Utilization (CMRU): "We believe, что China Metal Resources Utilization (CMRU) nothing more than a "zombie company"; organization, technically alive, but in such serious financial difficulties and burdened with so many red flags, that insolvency seems imminent".

A 106-page investigation into the activities of an Indian conglomerate was written in the same style., which states, that the Adani Group is pulling off the “biggest scam in corporate history”: the conglomerate is allegedly involved in massive fraud with securities and accounting, money laundering, theft of taxpayers' funds, corruption, creation of offshore shell organizations, pressure on government agencies and freedom of the press.

Hindenburg Research attack on India supported by major US media.

"Eta to you [document Hindenburg Research] shed light on the relationship between Indian business and the political elite, calling into question, can India, facing accusations of crony capitalism, become a global economic giant, as its closest Asian competitor China", writes Time.

“Fraud and failure are hardly the way India, which Mr. Maudie wants to create", - write The New York Times, Noting, that "the story of a close working relationship between 60-year-old Adani and 72-year-old Modi began in earnest in 2002 year, when Hindu-Muslim riots devastated Gujarat, state on the west coast of india, where Mr. Modi was chief minister and where the Adani Group is based. Mr Modi's image has been hit hard by mass clashes, during which they were killed 1000 human, Muslims for the most part".

British BBC joins attack on Narendra Modi, which produced a two-part documentary India: The Modi Question.

The US is preparing a color revolution in India

The first series came out 17 January 2023 of the year. It focuses on Modi's early political career and his role in the riots in Gujarat in 2002 year, that happened, when he was chief minister of this state. Film accuses Narendra Modi of ethnic cleansing of Muslims. In the second series, shown 24 January, on the day of the publication of the Hindenburg Research report, 'British scientists' attribute numerous human rights violations to Modi, freedom of the press and other "values".

The US is preparing a color revolution in India

The reaction of the Indian government to the screening of this film was swift and violent.. Ministry of Information of India announced, that all links to footage from it should be banned on social networks.

“How many Guptas, representative of the Ministry of Information, called the documentary "hostile propaganda and anti-Indian rubbish", and students, staged a screening this week at the University of Kerala, accused of betrayal. at the prestigious Delhi University. Student of Jawaharlal Nehru, who tried to do the same, experienced power and internet outages, and representatives of right-wing groups threw stones at them”, – writes the British The Guardian.

American publicist William Engdahl believes, what a demarche of Soros, publication of Hindenburg Research report and screening of film India: The Modi Question is "a series of suspicious events, testifying to, that the Anglo-American coalition began to prepare the overthrow of Modi".

spring 2024 India to hold national parliamentary elections, and this year there will be elections to the state legislatures. The future of Narendra Modi's government depends on their result..

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