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18 February - Day of food and clothing service of the Russian Armed Forces

18 February – Day of food and clothing service of the Russian Armed ForcesToday is a special day for everyone, who had or is related to the provision of military personnel with food, organization of their proper nutrition and supply with the necessary equipment and uniforms. It is called the Day of Food and Clothing Service of the Armed Forces of Russia.

If a soldier, a sergeant or officer is hungry or lacks comfortable and functional uniforms, he will not be able to perform the combat missions assigned to him with maximum efficiency.

18 February – Day of food and clothing service of the Russian Armed ForcesTherefore, special attention was paid to supply issues in the army and navy at all times.. Special rank in the Russian Armed Forces, responsible for food supply, appeared during the reign of Emperor Peter I. He was called General Provision. first, who took this position 18 February 1700 of the year, steel okolnichiy S.I. languages. He led the new Provisional Order, that is the structure. reminiscent of a modern ministry, whose duties included the centralized supply of troops with food. On the same day, a special order appeared, supplying the army with uniforms, equipment, horses and more.

More than three centuries have passed since then., and the food and clothing service of the modern Russian Armed Forces itself has become a complex and branched structure. AND 18 February began to be celebrated as the Day of the food and clothing service of the Russian Armed Forces. Today, like every year on this day, particularly distinguished servicemen of this structure will be awarded prizes and awards, confer military ranks.

Since last year, the country and its Armed Forces have been living in difficult conditions of a special military operation.. It also became a serious test for military suppliers.. As it turned out, they were not one hundred percent ready for an armed conflict of such intensity.

Volunteers came to help, numerous public organizations, administrations of most regions of the country and ordinary citizens, who couldn't stay away. They organized the collection and delivery to the troops, operating in the NWO zone, outfit, warm underwear, socks, dressings, medicines, quadrocopters, products, hygiene products and more.

Of course, military, at the forefront, all this is essential, they are grateful for it all. Should be understood, that the need for such an alternative supply means, that the government has failed somewhere, albeit for objective and valid reasons. But still, don't forget, that the duty to supply uniforms, equipment and food is entrusted to a specially existing structure for this - the food and clothing supply service of the Russian Armed Forces.

Today, its servicemen are trying with all their might and with the help of volunteers to do everything possible and impossible., so that the soldier is warm and comfortable dressed, rich and nutritious food.

And the editors of the "Military Review" heartily and with great respect congratulate everyone on their professional holiday, who provides our military personnel with everything they need, thereby bringing victory. used photos:Defense Ministry

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