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Alien Balloon Invasion: what is behind the strange actions of the United States

Alien Balloon Invasion: what is behind the strange actions of the United States

In recent days, US fighter jets have intercepted three high-altitude targets of unknown origin and destination over Alaska., Canada and Lake Huron. If with a Chinese ball, which defiantly raised their seas, everything was clear, then there are strange differences.

maybe, an alien invasion began with the help of balloons – that's what they say in the US command.

The head of the US Air Defense Command, Glen van Herck, suggested, that downed aircraft may be of extraterrestrial origin. But we need to wait for intelligence findings.

The US military has not yet determined, what kept these objects in the air. And not sure, what are these balloons. CNN stated, that American pilots did not find engines at these objects.

An octagonal aerial object was shot down over Lake Huron. Octagonal! By order of President Biden. It would seem, eight corners, luminous threads - alien hell-those! true, if you go to any store, balloon vendor, we see, that there can be more angles. There are heart shaped balloons. There are roses. There are numbers and even whole human figures. Air force pilots said, that these objects were smaller than that Chinese ball, who was recently shot down. How much less? An ordinary helium balloon in winter can fly from one to two days.. Foil balloons can stay in the air for up to 20 days. At the same time, they can rise to a height of five kilometers.. The balloon over Lake Huron was shot down at an altitude of six kilometers. Balls can be in order, to buy them for a child. Can be used as decoration. Opening of new stores, small balls, big balls. For fun. Recall at least the story of the only surviving recipient of the Darwin Award, Larry Waters.

Larry Waters 2 July 1982 bought 45 weather balloon size 2 and a half meters. The company made them just in time for the holidays.. Attached them to a sun lounger, tied himself to a chair and immediately rose to a height of five kilometers. He hung out in the air corridor and was seen by aircraft pilots. They passed, that they had a man in a chair in the air. Shooting from a stuck shotgun at the balls, Waters began to descend to the ground. Stumbled on wires and plunged the entire Palm Beach area into darkness, but managed to survive.

Alien Balloon Invasion: what is behind the strange actions of the United States

A photo: © Pixar Animation Studios

A cartoon came out in 2009 “Up”, where the old man and the boy flew in the whole house with balloons attached. This example inspired the American Jonathan Trappe, who in 2013 tried to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a bunch of balloons, attached to the boat. But through 12 hours had to land on the Canadian island of Newfoundland. That is, the history of the use of balloons in America is long.. Or maybe all this fear of Chinese military spies is really just a fight with ordinary household balloons., who managed to fly high and far? Just because, that Biden is starting an election campaign and he wants to show himself as a real defender of America? Why not? Especially if you look at, How much does it cost.

Do you remember, to shoot down a Chinese weather balloon, Americans lifted the F-22 Raptor into the air. it 85 one thousand dollars. Fired a Sidewinder rocket at him. This is a plus 380 thousand. Plus they insured the F-15 flight. It's still 30 thousand. Plus the exit of three ships and the search for a ball in the sea. Over Lake Huron, the balloon was sent to shoot down the F-16 fighter. He fired an AIM-9X missile worth 400 one thousand dollars. missed. I had to finish off with another rocket. Only there the downing of the ball cost a million. That's why Glen van Herck is so willing to talk about, that downed air objects, perhaps, those are alien saucers. without motor and so on. It doesn't look so idiotic, than an unprecedented ball hunt. And that's why there is such confusion with the balls now, because Biden's press secretary immediately reacts: no, it's not aliens, the president gives the order to shoot down precisely Chinese intelligence systems. The feat must be properly framed.

But what's interesting. Now not only America is hunting for balls. In China, off the coast of Shandong province, local pilots found a flying object. AND, looks like, also tried to kill him. After chinese new year with their balloon festival it is, by the way, The usual thing. But that's okay. And on Monday, the representative of the Air Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yuri Ignat, said, what we, Russian, used balloons with corner reflectors to monitor the activity of the Ukrainian air defense system. And after him, this was already repeated by NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg. Like balls ... this is Chinese and Russian intelligence. That would be absolutely great. However, in Russia in 2017, an order was issued on the need to build airships, including the military… but first the pandemic, then a military operation ... We switched to drones. And only on Monday, the Russian government finally formed a commission on the construction of unguided flying vehicles.. Only now.

Andrey Dobrov

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