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There were shots of the defeat of Ukrainian armored vehicles from the Shturm-S SPTRK

Appeared footage of the defeat of Ukrainian armored vehicles from SPTRK «Sturm-S»The Russian army is armed with a formidable, but rarely seen in the video, dedicated to the NWO, equipment - self-propelled ATGM "Shturm-S". Due to the high rate of fire and accuracy of fire, even one vehicle is able to hold back the advance of enemy armored formations.. Due to the low silhouette and medium range (5-6 km) SPTRK "Shturm-S" manifests itself in ambushes on the front line, striking an unsuspecting enemy.

The network has pictures, which shows an enemy armored personnel carrier, trapped, arranged by the crew of the Russian SPTRK. Ukrainian armored personnel carrier moved along forest plantations, trying to hide their movement. However, an ambush was already awaiting the enemy’s equipment.. The enemy armored personnel carrier was not saved by the high speed: coming from behind, supersonic missile caught up with an armored personnel carrier, went into line with enemy equipment and hit it on board.

The video after the launch of the rocket demonstrates the tracking of the ATGM through the optical sighting device. The operator observes the flight in the infrared range, making adjustments if necessary. The thermal footprint shows, that enemy motorized rifles were located on an enemy armored personnel carrier. As a result, they were knocked out along with the equipment transporting them..

Author:Evgeny Lyushilin

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