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The latest modification of the Israeli Merkava MkV tank entered the IDF armored brigade for trial operation

The latest modification of the Israeli Merkava MkV tank entered the IDF armored brigade for trial operationThe Israeli army will soon begin to receive a new modification of the main battle tank Merkava of the fifth series.. A number of Merkava Mark V tanks have already been delivered for trial operation to the 401st Armored Brigade of the 162nd Division of the IDF Southern Command. The brigade is armed with MBT Merkava MkIV.

The new modification of the Merkava MkV was developed on the basis of the fourth series and has no major design differences.. According to Army Recognition, Merkava V is an improved version of Merkava IV, bringing together “the latest technologies and innovations in protection and digital combat capabilities”.

The design of the new tank does not differ from earlier models., the driver is located on the left, right front engine, tower moved back. The crew still consists of four people: driver, commander, gunner and loader, there is no automatic loader in the new Merkava MkV. Armament is also unchanged. – caliber smoothbore gun 120 mm, two machine-guns 7,62 mm and 60 mm breech-loading mortar, installed inside.

The main changes affected the protection. Merkava MkV has a Trophy active protection system (APS), capable, as stated, counteract all modern means of destroying tanks. Also, the tank received an all-round view on 360 degrees, thanks to the installation of day and night vision cameras. The tank commander received a digital helmet, providing a 3D view of the battlefield, as well as providing all the information on what is happening inside the tank, including damage. The installed systems allow the tank to independently detect targets and hit them..

The Merkava MkV tank is equipped with a V-12 diesel engine with 1500 hp, automatic transmission, has five gears forward and two reverse. Power reserve 500 km, maximum speed – 64 km / h.

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