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US Treasury Secretary predicts a global crisis due to the inability of Washington to pay its national debt

US Treasury Secretary predicts a global crisis due to the inability of Washington to pay its national debtThe world is waiting for a global financial and economic crisis in the event of a recession in the US economy, caused by the inability of the United States to pay its obligations. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, commenting on the difficult situation with the country's public debt.

Earlier it was reported, that the U.S. government debt had reached its statutory ceiling in 31,4 trillion dollars. Then there are two exits - or default, or raising the public debt ceiling, which is also not good for the American economy.

Washington is unable to pay its obligations. But limiting scheduled payments will cause a recession in the US economy. Then there will be a global economic crisis. According to Yellen, the consequences of the current situation will soon be felt by almost all residents of the United States. Many Americans will lose their jobs and livelihoods.

Besides, due to US inability to pay bills, the rating of US debt obligations may also be downgraded. The most powerful and economically developed country in the world is in fact bankrupt, in extremely difficult financial situations. The White House plans to fix the situation by raising the national debt ceiling. The American administration does not even intend to discuss this issue with the US Congress..

Earlier, the International Monetary Fund also warned about the global consequences of the situation with the US government debt.. The IMF called on the US authorities to come to a compromise on the issue of paying public debt, otherwise the whole world will feel the negative effects of the American recession. used photos:

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