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Russia launched new tethered UAVs for the needs of a special operation

Russia launched new tethered UAVs for the needs of a special operationIn connection with the recent successful testing of a new tethered drone in the interests of the Airborne Command, Russia launched the production of such UAVs for the needs of a special operation. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Pavel Popov..

In October of this year, a military-technical experiment was conducted at the combined arms training ground of the Western Military District to assess the capabilities of a tethered-type drone in the interests of the Airborne Forces command. During the experiment, its characteristics were confirmed, in this connection, it was decided to produce such UAVs in the amount 50 units for their subsequent commissioning in the special operation zone - said the deputy head of the defense department in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

Wherein, as Popov added, the manufacture of these aircraft, as well as their further modernization, will be engaged on the basis of the military innovative technopolis "ERA", created by decree of the President of Russia in 2018.

Technopolis "ERA" is actively developing unmanned systems of various types. The laboratory cluster already has 37 defense industry enterprises. More than 200 drone units, and 90 universal trailers for attaching ammunition to drones. As the minister stated, all equipment was transferred to the military units of the Airborne Forces, directly involved in the special operation.

note, that tethered drones have replaced old-style unmanned aerial vehicles, on which fuel or batteries were used. New UAVs are connected to the power plant on the ground via a cable, which ensures the connection of the device with the command post.

Earlier, the country's defense department also reported that, that the Russian military received a new batch of artillery reconnaissance systems 1B76 "Penicillin". Author:Egorenkov Alexander Photos used:

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