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When returning to UAV positions, they often give out the location of operators and entire units

When returning to UAV positions, they often give out the location of operators and entire unitsIn a war zone returning to position, from which it was launched, UAVs often give the enemy the exact location of their crew.

When returning to their original positions, drones often help the enemy open the positions of their operators. Aerial reconnaissance can detect an enemy UAV and trace its flight path to the very landing site.

After, how the position of the copter operators is revealed, an artillery strike is immediately inflicted on it. The well-coordinated work of aerial reconnaissance and gunners gives impressive performance indicators.

The other day, our fighters, after tracking the entire flight route of the enemy drone, launched an artillery strike on the position of the operator, inflicting fire damage on the unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

But we must understand, what is it, as the saying goes, double edged weapon. The return of the drones may expose our positions as well., what to consider when training operators.

The command of the RF Armed Forces is faced with the task of combining reconnaissance and strike-reconnaissance UAVs in service into a single integrated network, within which the information received will be transmitted not only directly to operators, but also to the command post. This is where the information will be sent., received from satellites. All data will be processed electronically., and then transfer to a map updated in real time.

Thus, the command will be able to quickly assess the situation on the battlefield and make decisions on an attack or strengthening defense in places, where there is a possibility or need for such actions. Author:Maxim Svetlyshev Photos used:Pixabay

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