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US Press: APU captured "hundreds" of Russian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, but for their repair there are no necessary spare parts

US Press: APU captured «hundreds» Russian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, but for their repair there are no necessary spare partsSince the beginning of hostilities, the Ukrainian army has captured “hundreds” Russian tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, but cannot use them due to lack of spare parts. The Washington Post writes about it..

American edition, referring to the statements of the Ukrainian military claims, that since the beginning of the special military operation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have captured a large number of Russian armored vehicles. However, Kyiv cannot use it one by one., but for a very important reason – there are no spare parts for Russian tanks in Ukraine, BMP and BTR, so they are in the hangars, waiting for repair.

The newspaper cites the words of a certain Vadim Ustimenko, representative of the 25th separate airborne assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to him, “captured” a lot of technology, but there is almost no good one among them. Vushnik named half of Russian technology “with a hat”, which cannot be recovered. Besides, there are models, for which there are no spare parts, eg, these are Russian BMP-3.

they, which could be simply launched or required only a few minutes of work, could be counted on the fingers of one hand. they, that needed renovation, but ended up working, were, probably, more percent 30. And the last 50 percent were rubbish, requiring a lot of work- he said.

One more problem, due to which the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot repair or restore equipment – lack of electricity due to Russian missile strikes. In this regard, it is necessary to work on generators, and their power is not always enough to power some tools.

Recently, there has been a serious shortage of armored vehicles in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian military are forced to transfer from BMP-BTR to pickup trucks, handicraft armored. Almost all armored vehicles supplied by the West were destroyed in battles. Of course, some of the tanks, BMP, etc.. located in the western regions of Ukraine, but its number is much less than destroyed during the hostilities.

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