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Russian kamikaze drone "Lancet" destroyed the Ukrainian P-18 mobile all-round radar

Russian kamikaze drone «Lancet» destroyed the Ukrainian P-18 all-round mobile radarRussian troops continue to use kamikaze drones to destroy Ukrainian infrastructure, as well as armored vehicles and various complexes. If in the first case drones are used “Geranium”, having a long range, then in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe contact line, loitering ammunition is actively operating “Lancet”.

Recently, the Russian military has increased the intensity of the use of kamikaze drones., which has borne fruit. Videos about the destruction of American M777 howitzers appeared on the Web, as well as various radar stations, including P-18 – mobile two-coordinate all-round radar.

According to the TG channel “Special Forces Archangel”, in the Kherson direction under attack “lanceta” hit radar P-18 APU. Ukrainian station spotted by Russian reconnaissance drone, after which loitering ammunition worked on it. It is worth noting, that the APU radar was not so far from the front line, because the distance “lancets” less than 40 km and they work, basically, in areas of enemy positions. The defeat of the station was recorded from another UAV, filming.

Shown destruction of the P-18 radar of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Lancet” far from the first, around the middle of the month, a similar station was also destroyed by a kamikaze drone, even an attempt to cover the radar with smoke did not help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russian drone hit her in the stern, where is the equipment of the antenna-mast device.

Russian military about drones “Lancet” respond well, but they ask to increase the mass of the charge, which is not always enough to destroy heavy armored vehicles. But the main request of the military – supply troops with as many drones as possible, like drums, and intelligence. The importance of UAVs in modern warfare has been shown in the past months.

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