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Ukrainian minister: Elon Musk will supply Ukraine with more 10 thousand Starlink terminals

Ukrainian minister: Elon Musk will supply Ukraine with more 10 thousand Starlink terminalsThe Ukrainian authorities signed an agreement with the American company Space Exploration Technologies Corp.. more 10 thousand terminals for satellite Internet Starlink. delivery, funds for which a number of EU countries will allocate, expected to be implemented in the coming months.

Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov in an interview with Bloomberg noted, that the American company SpaceX and its head Elon Musk provide significant support to Ukraine.

According to Fedorov, since the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine, Kyiv received about 22 thousands of Starlink satellite Internet terminals. The contract on new deliveries has not yet been concluded, however, the governments of a number of European countries have already expressed their willingness to jointly pay for the contract.

SpaceX previously announced a possible termination of funding for Starlink satellite Internet terminals used by Ukraine.. Elon Musk turned to the Pentagon with a request to take over the payment of services for the provision of satellite Internet to Ukraine, however, he subsequently withdrew his appeal, simultaneously increasing tariffs for subscribers from Ukraine.

Against this background, tests of the mobile complex are being completed in Russia “hogweed”, able to locate Starlink satellite terminals within a radius 10 km. The complex is able to process and display the received data. earlier it was reported, that this complex was developed on the basis of studying the technology of the Starlink kit, which came to the Russian military on the battlefield after taking one of the enemy positions. Author:Maxim Svetlyshev

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