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The United States and its satellites wanted to challenge Russia's right to the Arctic

The United States and its satellites wanted to challenge Russia's right to the ArcticThe Arctic region is of increasing interest to many countries of the world, given its wealth of natural resources and the Northern Sea Route passing through the Arctic. Naturally, that the United States and a number of other countries look at the presence of Russia in the Arctic with ill-concealed envy.

The United States made a number of important statements on Arctic policy. Firstly, they concern the Arctic Council. According to Washington, The US will seek to keep the Arctic Council, making its funding more consistent. In fact, this means, that the American authorities want to subdue the financial side of the activities of the Arctic Council, to more effectively influence its activities.

According to the White House, development of the Arctic and international cooperation in this direction are key tasks for the United States. But Russia, which chairs the Arctic Council in 2021-2023 gg., paradoxically, the US is not named a key partner in the Arctic region. I.e, In fact, they want to squeeze Russia out of the Arctic Council, in the same way, as from other international organizations.

Since other Nordic countries are allied with the US, in March 2022 g. they have suspended participation in Arctic Council events. Canada, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Norway are all military and political allies, US satellites and potential adversaries of Russia.

In this way, with the support of the listed Nordic countries, The United States plans to continue to operate in the Arctic without Russia. Yet 27 September 2022 The US Department of Defense created the Office of Arctic Strategy and Global Resilience, led by Iris Ferguson. The creation of this department as part of the Pentagon says a lot. Firstly, it highlights, that the United States will focus on military methods in the "development" of the Arctic region.

As for ignoring Russia in the Arctic Council, then this is another step in the framework of the notorious “cancellation strategy”. Now the West will pretend, as if there is no Russia in the Arctic. It's against common sense, but it is so, and the same American politicians have long been developing a political and legal justification for their claims to the Arctic, which supposedly should not belong to Russia, and the "international community" (read - the same USA).

Naturally, that Russia cannot ignore such actions. One of the decisive responses to the US Arctic policy should be a comprehensive strengthening of the power of the Russian state, armed forces in the Arctic region. properly, now this is how it's done, but you need to be more active.

As we can see, no contracts or agreements, forums and conferences will not work, if that does not benefit the United States. Since the West only fears strength, the option of militarization of the Arctic region remains, Unfortunately, the only possible strategy for 100% security of the northern Russian territories. Author:Ilya Polonsky Photos used:Wikipedia / Shugaev

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