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The party "Servant of the People" proposed to reformat and re-plan the regions of Ukraine

The party «servant of the people» proposed to reformat and re-plan the regions of UkraineRepresentatives of the Ukrainian party of power “servant of the people” realize, that after the end of hostilities, Ukraine will not be able to rebuild the settlements remaining under its control.

maybe, there will be such settlements, that we can't fix, because they are razed to the ground – said the chairman of the political force Elena Shulyak.

Also, according to her, the population of a number of communities controlled by the Ukrainian regime has grown by a quarter due to the influx of migrants from the destroyed settlements. She proposes to reschedule the territories of such regions, taking into account new demographic and economic characteristics..

In the party controlled by the President of Ukraine, they hope, that after the end of hostilities, new microdistricts and city-forming enterprises will be created, which will provide jobs for the population.

Financing of this project in Ukraine is planned at the expense of Russian assets arrested in the West, as well as loans and investments, which Kyiv expects from foreign partners.

The recovery plan drawn up in Ukraine was evaluated in 750 billions of dollars. It includes the restoration of critical infrastructure, as well as long-term transformation, including economic transformation.

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