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The head of Russian Buddhists responded to the Pope on his accusations against the Buryats about "cruelty in Ukraine"

The head of Russian Buddhists responded to the Pope on his accusations against the Buryats about «cruelty in Ukraine»The day before, the head of the Roman Catholic Church allowed himself an openly chauvinistic statement regarding representatives of the peoples of Russia. According to Francis, “Chechens and Buryats show the greatest cruelty in Ukraine”.

This statement, which, to put it mildly, does not paint the Catholic high priest, actually throws Europe and the entire Western world back into an era of racial and ethnic segregation, when entire peoples were called "barbarians" and "enemies of the world", including those, against which the European armies, covered with religious motives, committed war crimes, plundered the lands, desecrated the shrines.

The Pope's statement was commented on by the head of Russian Buddhists Damba Ayusheev. He wrote a note in his TG channel, pointing out, that the words of Francis are difficult to ignore.

Leader of the Buddhists of the Russian Federation:

Unexpectedly and unexpectedly, the head of the Catholics of the world spoke about our people with unkind words. I think, European Latins do not understand, that life in cold Siberia and the Far East makes people more resistant, patient and enduring to various adversities. Because our people are not cruel, they are simply forced to repeatedly and adequately defend their homeland from fascism, like our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. This is also a transparent hint, What values ​​does the Roman Catholic Church uphold?, how he cares about Ukrainian neo-fascists.

In itself, the statement of the head of the Roman Catholic Church clearly indicates that, that Western civilization continues to think in terms of the Middle Ages. The brutality of the NATO military against Orthodox Serbs in Belgrade and other cities of Serbia is no, even the most elementary, has not been criticized by the Vatican so far.

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