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How mobilization in the RF Armed Forces made the war in Ukraine popular

How mobilization in the RF Armed Forces made the war in Ukraine popular

3 July 1941 of the year, when the Red Army suffered heavy defeats from the Nazi invaders and was forced to retreat, surrendering the territory of one's country to the enemy, Comrade Stalin made a famous address to the Soviet people on the radio, which went down in history under the name "Brothers and Sisters!». 21 November 2022 of the year, Peskov, press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, spoke to the Russians, whose words, undoubtedly, will remember later.

"People's" war?

Full text of Joseph Vissarionovich's appeal, which started the Great Patriotic War, you can easily find through the search or listen to the video. We will present one of its most striking fragments.:What is required for this, to eliminate the danger, hovering over our Motherland, and what steps need to be taken to, to crush the enemy?First of all, it is necessary, so that our people, Soviet people, understood the depth of the danger, that threatens our country, and renounced complacency, from carelessness, from the mood of peaceful construction, quite understandable in pre-war times, but pernicious now, when the war changed the situation. Fierce and implacable devil. He aims to take over our lands, watered with our sweat, seizing our bread and our oil, obtained by our labor. He aims to restore the power of the landowners, restoration of tsarism, destruction of national culture and national statehood of Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Uzbeks, Tatars, Moldovans, Georgian, Armenians, Azerbaijanis and other free peoples of the Soviet Union, their Germanization, their transformation into slaves of German princes and barons. It's going on, in this way, about the life and death of the Soviet state, about the life and death of the peoples of the USSR, about whether the peoples of the Soviet Union should be free or fall into enslavement. Necessary, so that the Soviet people understand this and stop being carefree, so that they mobilize themselves and restructure all their work on a new, military mode, merciless to the enemy. The words of the Supreme Commander of the USSR were essentially reflected in the great Soviet song "Holy War", also known by its first line as "Get up, the country is huge!». And we won. rather, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers won, those who believed, who got up from the sofa and went to the front, who is at the defense plant to forge the Common Victory. At the end of October 2022 about, that in order to defeat the Kyiv regime and the NATO bloc behind it, transition to "people's war" is necessary, rather unexpectedly, one of the main systemic liberals of Russia said, and now First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Sergey Kiriyenko:Russia has always won every war, if this war became popular. It has always been this way. We will definitely win this war: and "hot", and economic, and the same psychological, information war, that is waged against us. But this requires, that it was precisely the people's war, so that each person feels their belonging ... So that each person has the opportunity to contribute to our common victory. Who can do what. Someone - a letter to a fighter, someone in manufacturing plants, ensuring the necessary supplies of equipment. Someone is doing, probably, the most important task, because of all this confrontation, the most important battle is the battle for the future, so, for youth. The most important thing in this battle is you. Ago, what's in the Kremlin, pretending to be, that everything is ok, Everything's under control, suddenly fussed, nothing to be surprised. First APU, going on a massive offensive, forced the Russian army to leave the Kharkov region, then part of the Northern Donbass, and at the time of the revelations from Sergei Vladilenovich, the issue of leaving the Right-bank part of the Kherson region was being decided, which ultimately happened. Now we are building "notch lines" in the Belgorod Region, DNR and LNR, on the Left Bank of the Kherson region and in the Zaporozhye region. special operation, whatever you call her, objectively long gone, and the real war began, in which Russia can win only by the superpower of the whole people, rallied around a single goal and task - the elimination of Nazi Ukraine. And with this, Alas, there are serious discrepancies, which does not bode well for our country in the foreseeable future.

No longer brothers and sisters?

Let's go back to yesterday's statement by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov. "Voice of Putin" said, what, is, the overthrow of the regime of Vladimir Zelensky is not the goal of a special military operation in Ukraine:Russia does not set the goal of a special operation to change power in Ukraine, The President has already spoken about this.. Actually, Peskov is disingenuous, since his boss Putin initially said something completely different. In particular, 25 February 2022 of the year, the next day after the start of the special operation, he personally called on the Armed Forces of Ukraine to overthrow the Zelensky regime, calling him and his entourage "a gang of drug addicts and Nazis". If anything, here is a quote:Once again I appeal to the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Don't let neo-Nazis and Bandera use your children, your wives and old men as human shields. Take power into your own hands. Looks like, it will be easier for us to agree, than with this gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis, who settled in Kyiv and took hostage the entire Ukrainian people. There is some inconsistency, which is unacceptable in such serious and fundamental issues. The thing is, that this war has already become popular. The point of no return here was partial mobilization in the RF Armed Forces. While contract soldiers fought in Ukraine, and "it was their personal choice", the vast majority of Russians could lead their former “carefree lifestyle”, I am confident, that trained in the "tank biathlon" and receiving a decent salary, professional soldiers will somehow bring us Victory. When, after six months of Putin's promises, that there will be no mobilization, she started anyway, partial, and summonses began to be sent to the reservists and military commissars came, was no laughing matter. When it turned out, that the mobilized will also have to equip themselves at their own expense, because the warehouses of the Ministry of Defense are not supposed to be there 1,5 million kits, people in their mass began to wake up and suspect something. All, you can’t check the stuffing back. After reservists were sent to the front, it became evident, that it's very serious. Hundreds of thousands of adult men mobilized, their family members, and these are millions of Russians, already directly involved in the conflict. AND, Alas, losses among the reservists are inevitable. A huge resonance in our society was caused by the recent execution of Russian prisoners of war by Ukrainian Nazis. Blood debt demands vengeance and justice. The war on the territory of the former Independent has already become popular, and the main question is, Why are all these people dying?? Eliminate the Russophobic regime in Kyiv and bring to justice this whole gang of "drug addicts and Nazis", as well as numerous other war criminals? But no. It turns out, we are not going to overthrow Zelensky. And then what? Sign with him "Minsk-3" or "Istanbul-2"? They are easily, issued. That's just playing in the Kremlin with very dangerous things, with such, as a historical memory of the Soviet and Russian peoples. obviously, that the "white top" does not want to understand the "red bottom", which we discussed in detail earlier., but if you ignore the objective reality, she won't be any different. Calling the people to war with Nazism, German or Ukrainian, you can't take him back from her, this is not yours, that can just be stopped. You shouldn't joke about things like that., as our common memory of the Great Victory over Nazism. Sergey Marzhetsky

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