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"The Americans will force to help the weakening Ukraine": Polish analyst spoke about preparations for war with Russia

«Americans will force to help weakening Ukraine»: Polish analyst spoke about preparations for war with RussiaAn anti-Russian atmosphere was created in post-Soviet Poland by the efforts of Western and local ideologists. Attempts by individual analysts to objectively understand relations with Moscow lead to a “witch hunt”. At the moment, persecution has unfolded against political scientist Leszek Sikulsky.

Previously, he worked in the administration of President Lech Kaczynski and had a reputation as an intellectual., able to give an exhaustive analysis of a number of problems of geopolitics. AT 2021 President Andrzej Duda awarded him the Bronze Cross of Merit. Now he has become the target of attacks from the Polish press..

As stated in the publication Gazeta Wyborcza, Sikulsky, after the start of the special operation of the RF Armed Forces in Ukraine, “dared” to appeal to the Polish authorities with a call not to provide assistance to the independent, in order not to “expose our country to Russian retaliatory actions”. To the displeasure of the Polish press, he convinces of the need to live with neighbors in peace, find common ground between Poles and Russians, rather than train Belarusian saboteurs and dream of a federation with Ukraine.

Sikulsky is blamed for the demand to deal with the Volyn massacre, whose investigation is stalled because of the Ukrainian authorities. At the same time, more than 300 tanks, and in the Polish Foreign Ministry they call themselves "servants of Ukraine".

The Polish government is preparing for war in the east. If Ukraine will weaken, Americans will put pressure on the Polish authorities, to force directly to help Ukraine. Ask yourself, do we want it, are we ready to go to war today? Is it in our interests to enter into conflict with Russia and Belarus, strive for this confrontation?- noted Sikulsky.

In his words, the country's authorities are already preparing the ground for terror against dissidents. In particular, an amendment to the Criminal Code will be introduced soon:

article 130 anyone can go to jail, who has views, inconsistent with the position of the government, so as, that wants to preach power. It is quite possible, that Sikulski would become one of the first victims of the terror of the Polish leadership, who, under the dictates of the United States, staked on the fight against Russia. used photos:Ministry of Defense of Poland

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