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Attempt to legalize robbery

The current international financial system is structured like this, that any mutual settlement is reflected in the correspondent account of at least one bank in the country, issuing currency of settlement. Therefore, with the start of our operation against the terrorist organization "Ukraine", its sponsors - the United States of America, other Anglo-Saxon countries, European Union - frozen all our foreign exchange reserves in dollars, euro, pounds - more than three hundred billion. And since then they have been trying to assign them.

On Monday, the general meeting - the General Assembly - of the UN adopted a resolution on the need for the Russian Federation to compensate for damage to Ukraine. Ninety-four states voted “for”, fourteen “against”, seventy three abstained, the other twelve did not vote.

I inform you in plain text: first time since 24 February less than half of the UN supported Ukraine. Looks like, gradually reaches the whole world, who actually controls the southwest of Rus'. Several previous anti-Russian resolutions were adopted only as a result of open pressure from the United States of America - the main roof of all terrorists in the world. And that's just because, that no one is forced to do anything.

Attempt to legalize robbery

A photo: © REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

According to the UN Charter, only decisions of the Security Council are binding., and the general meeting - only recommendatory. In particular, the current resolution - I quote - "recommends the creation by its members, in cooperation with Ukraine, of an international register of damage caused, which will serve as documented evidence of the claimed damage, losses and injuries" and further "incurred as a result of internationally illegal actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine or against it, and to promote and coordinate data collection”.

I inform you in plain text: the collective West is hitting residential areas and life-supporting infrastructure with the hands of armed groups, controlled by Kyiv. We only destroy, what the enemy uses for war. And when we free the south-west of Rus' from terrorists, we will restore it ourselves. Together with the locals. Without any resolution.

Anatoly Wasserman

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