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medvedev: The topic of money for the Kyiv regime in the United States becomes “toxic”

medvedev: The topic of money for the Kyiv regime in the United States is becoming «toxic»In the United States, the Republican Party, won election to the House of Representatives, demand to start large-scale audits of spending on military and financial assistance to Ukraine. The topic of money for the Kyiv regime in the United States becomes “toxic”, writes in his Telegram channel Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

The ex-president and ex-premier draws attention to the fact, that "weird old man" Joe Biden, US President, in the Capitol they have already been nicknamed “Vice President” Zelensky, so actively the head of the White House takes care of financing the Ukrainian authorities. In the same time, Medvedev believes, that financial assistance to Ukraine will continue. After all, the “Russophobic consensus” of the American political elites is based on the support of the Kyiv regime..

The Republican Party of the United States is no better disposed towards Russia, than the Democratic. Russophobia is the basis of the foreign policy of both American parties. Republicans, true, can play on the topic of Ukrainian money, to strengthen their political influence.

Democrats are very easy to criticize now., referring precisely to the lack of control of huge financial flows, which are sent by Biden and his entourage to Ukraine. Really, huge funds are allocated, and there is no proper control over their spending. USA can't even control, Where does the modern weapons transferred to the Ukrainian side go?.

According to Medvedev, allocation of funds to the Kyiv regime in the future will become a more difficult undertaking. Now ordinary Americans are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the, what they are told about Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions of politics. In fact, the American layman was deceived again, pumping colossal funds in the interests of the military-industrial complex. Benefited from this certain groups of the American elite, who Medvedev calls "crooks".

But sooner or later, the US will still suspend aid to Ukraine. Medvedev considers it inevitable, because Washington always abandoned his "friends". The example of Afghanistan clearly demonstrates this., like older stories with the same South Vietnam, royal Laos. Left without the support of Washington, pro-American regimes usually exist for a very short time. Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities understand this too.. Indeed, without American money, Ukraine in its current state simply will not be able to function..

Hence the loss of the remnants of reality and the tearful tantrums of clowns in Kyiv. They dismissed the snot and in a frenzy demand more and more new sanctions against Russia. And more and more Western dough for the war. Only this can prolong their sweet drug agony,- emphasized Dmitry Medvedev, completing his post and traditionally for some time now, without embarrassment in expressions.

It should be added, that in the Western media are increasingly criticizing the actions and statements of the head of the Kyiv regime, Volodymyr Zelensky. This may indicate a gradual loss of confidence of some Western elites in the President of Ukraine. As soon as the need for the Kiev regime subsides, or the US will decide, that they achieved their goals, they will safely wind down their financial and military aid or, at least, will significantly reduce. Author:Ilya Polonsky Photos

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