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Blow up border bridges: the situation on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border and on the fronts of the special operation

Blow up border bridges: the situation on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border and on the fronts of the special operationEnemy forces are trying to push back Russian troops on Krasnolimansky, Kupyansk and Donetsk directions. The units of the RF Armed Forces confidently hold the defense. Active assistance in suppressing enemy forces is provided by army aviation and attack aircraft.. Russian troops are conducting offensive operations, trying to drive the enemy out of Artemovsk, Soledar, Disputed and fortified areas, located near Donetsk – west of Sand.

Increasingly, there are frames with destroyed Western equipment, handed over to the Kyiv regime. A large contribution to the elimination of military vehicles is made by kamikaze drones "Lancet": only recently they hit the CAESAR self-propelled guns, M777 howitzer, RSZO «City», S-300 SAM control point. Massive destruction of enemy equipment by artillery fire on the right bank of the Dnieper, which was occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine after the withdrawal of the RF Armed Forces.

As a result of yesterday's massive air raid on critical infrastructure, the independent Kyiv regime counts losses. Damage received 30 objects, restoring some of them will take a long time. for example, the authorities of the Lviv region announced that, that the repair of a number of power facilities will take at least a year.

After the rocket fell on the territory of Poland, the country's leadership tried to raise the degree of tension, blaming Russia for the incident, and appealing to support from NATO. However, the statement of US President Joe Biden about the non-involvement of the Russian Armed Forces brought the local hawks to their senses., and they were forced to back down. Following this, they were forced to lower their tone in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, recognizing missile launches near the Polish border. But then Zelensky declared his “confidence” that, that "it was not a Ukrainian strike".

Quite possible, that a missile attack on the territory of Poland is a provocation prepared in advance by Warsaw and Kyiv, aimed at the intervention of Polish troops in the conflict with Russia. Immediately after the incident, Belarus began to receive information about attempts to destabilize the internal situation., about the threat of a military invasion of the country by Poland, on the mining of the cordon by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, installation of anti-tank barriers, undermining border bridges and conducting aerial reconnaissance by the Ukrainian army.

Almost all bridges in the Gomel and Mozyr directions have been blown up. Now they are starting to blow up all the bridges in the Volyn direction- reported in the border service of Belarus.

After the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kharkov and Kherson directions, the Polish command could believe in the possibility of an effective intervention in Belarus. While the Polish army has undergone modernization over the years, the re-equipment of the Belarusian troops actually unfolded only last year. maybe, in Warsaw, they hope that Minsk will not be able to repel aggression on its own and consider, that military assistance from Moscow will be minimal due to the concentration of the RF Armed Forces on the Ukrainian conflict. Author:Evgeny Lyushilin Photos used:Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

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