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President of the U.S.A: According to preliminary information, Russian strike on Poland is refuted

President of the U.S.A: According to preliminary information, Russian strike on Poland is refutedUS President Joe Biden actually made it clear to Warsaw and Kyiv, that there will be no "inclusion into work" of the 5th article of the NATO charter due to yesterday's incident near Lublin. At least, in the near future.

United States President, attending the G20 summit on the Indonesian island of Bali and speaking to reporters, He stated, that the States have advance information, according to which the rocket that fell in Poland was not fired by Russia.

According to Joe Biden, while the investigation continues, but "unlikely, in terms of missile trajectory, so that it could somehow be launched from Russia".

Biden further added, that the investigation is not yet completed:

But we'll see in the end. According to preliminary information, this (Russian strike) refuted. Earlier, Russian Ambassador Sergei Andreev was summoned to the Polish Foreign Ministry. The call came after, how the Polish Foreign Ministry announced the fall of a “Russian-made” rocket near Lublin. Notably, that Polish President Andrzej Duda, against this background, said, that the country's authorities "have no accurate information about, whose rockets fell on Polish territory”.

Recall, that the day before, photos were published in Polish social networks, on the basis of which the experts concluded that the fragments belonged to the rocket of the anti-aircraft missile system - presumably the S-300. In this regard, it has been suggested that, that Ukrainian missiles, trying to shoot down a missile of the RF Armed Forces, significantly deviated and fell in Poland. It is also assumed, that this could be a deliberate provocation of Ukraine, to still draw NATO into a direct armed conflict against Russia.

The Russian Defense Ministry called publications in the Polish media about the "Russian strike on Poland" an outright provocation. And one of the first to call Russia "to account" was the head of the Kyiv regime, Zelensky. As the saying goes: "Search, who benefits".

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