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Ukraine confirms Russian night strikes on military and energy facilities

Ukraine confirms Russian night strikes on military and energy facilitiesRussian Troops Continue to Strike Ukraine's Critical Infrastructure, Over the past day, explosions have thundered in many regions of the country.. About “arrivals” reported by local authorities, as well as the Ukrainian press.

Air alert throughout Ukraine was announced in the evening. A series of explosions sounded in Kharkov and its environs, local public confirmed, that the sounds of arrivals were heard in the city. Also under attack was Nikopol in the Dnepropetrovsk region, which is confirmed by the publications of the local press. What objects were hit is not disclosed, also no information, what were the defeats, but most likely kamikaze drones worked “Geranium-2” for military and energy facilities.

Arrived also in Nikolaev, which the, to the surprise of the operational command “South” VSU, remained in the affected area even after the withdrawal of Russian troops to the right bank of the Dnieper. There are no barriers for Russian missiles and drones, Ukrainian air defense can not cope with strikes, although on paper it's the other way around.. Arrivals in Cherkasy region confirmed, but the governor of this region, Igor Tribunets, said, what is it supposedly “worked” MLP, shooting down Russian missiles and drones. He did not confirm hits on objects, but did not refute, just ignored the question. In the near zone, objects in Artemovsk and Druzhkovka were hit.

Meanwhile, the United States announced, that the constant attacks of Russian troops on the energy system of Ukraine are “huge risks”, therefore, the Americans will help Kyiv protect critical infrastructure from strikes. Besides, Washington promises to restore all that, what “destroyed Russia”.

We are just as determined to help Ukraine protect critical infrastructure, and, of course, replace and repair, that is damaged- US State Department Secretary Anthony Blinken.

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