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Marines of the 155th brigade of the Pacific Fleet and the volunteer battalion "Tiger" got in touch and recorded a video

Marines of the 155th brigade of the Pacific Fleet and a volunteer battalion «Tiger» got in touch and recorded a videoBattalion soldiers “Tiger”

Soldiers of the 155th Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet and a volunteer detachment “Tiger” from Primorye got in touch from the Pavlovka area. The video messages of the marines and volunteers were posted on his TG channel by the governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako.

According to the head of the region, All videos were recorded the day before., 7 November, already after, how the reports of military correspondents and bloggers about the situation in the Ugledar direction appeared. As the video says, recorded by soldiers of the 155th brigade, fighting in Pavlovka is really hard, but the brigade keeps moving forward, let it slow, but surely. There are losses, but they are not like that, as stated the day before.

Slowly we are moving forward..., not so fast, as we would like, but let's go ahead. Basically, there are successes. I hope, soon you will know about them- said one of the soldiers of the brigade.

The fighters thanked everyone for their concern about their fate, adding, that the mood in the brigade is normal, no one loses heart and loses heart.

The fighters of the volunteer battalion spoke in the same vein. “Tiger”, who were surprised to learn, that they were all buried in absentia together with the 155th brigade of the Pacific Fleet, supposedly already almost completely destroyed. They recognized, that there are losses, because the fights are hard, but urged not to believe speculation and rumors, distributed on the web.

reported, that the marines with Pavlovka have their own scores, they already took this settlement in April, and with minimal losses., after which they held him, repulsing the attacks of superior enemy forces. However, after the redeployment, another unit could not hold the village and it came under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense said, that the losses of the 155th Marine Brigade, fighting in the Ugledar direction, It was about 1% for 10 day, more about 7% wounded, but most have already returned to service. At the same time, the Marines advanced the farthest, deepening into the enemy's defenses 5 km. At present, the advance has stalled., because due to mudslide it is difficult to conduct hostilities, and get harder, how to defend.

Pavlovka occupies a rather large territory and is actually located on the outskirts of Vugledar, to the first houses of the city no more 1800 m. Establishing control over Pavlovka and Ugledar allows our troops to reach the rear of the enemy's Avdiivka grouping, which is very difficult to take on the forehead.

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