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UAVs of the Russian Armed Forces took a dominant position in the sky of Ukraine

UAVs of the Russian Armed Forces took a dominant position in the sky of Ukraine

A new surge of insanity in Kyiv

Washington is starting to look at Ukraine with increasing concern, like a monkey with a grenade escaping from a cage, capable of doing something. Zelensky's antics and jumps are no longer seen as a political circus, how to prepare for action. Cries about “expecting a nuclear strike from Russia” are becoming more and more like preparing for a provocation with a “dirty bomb”.

In a number of regions of Ukraine, exercises are already being conducted to prepare the population for a nuclear attack.. Arranging bomb shelters, briefings on shelter from radiation. Children's and school institutions are transferred to a special regime. At the same time, Kyiv expects help from the United States, because he can't hope, that the provocation will go unanswered. .

And war is war, help on schedule. 2 November Pentagon Press Secretary, US Air Force Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, that the United States will transfer electronic warfare systems (EW) with drones Vampire air defense forces of Ukraine by the middle 2023 of the year.

“Air defense remains a priority. It `s that, what will we continue to focus on, and what we will work on as quickly as possible. As for Vampire, we expect, that the contract [for their production] will be concluded in the next few months, (…) we expect delivery in the middle 2023 of the year", Ryder said..

In other words, for another eight months, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will remain without weapons, which is considered the best means of countering UAVs. Meanwhile, Russian drones have already dominated the skies of Ukraine and will soon change the situation on the ground..

Such news caused a new surge of insanity in Kyiv, and, fear, that the patient loses control, Washington sent national security adviser Jack Sullivan to the Ukrainians with a dose of sedatives. These funds at first glance, should calm the patient, but upon closer inspection, they turned out to be long outdated material. National Security Adviser gave 3 november interview, in which he explained, that Kyiv is being injected with a volume of 400 million. dollars. However, the blissful smile from this news fades on the faces of the listeners., when they go into details.

The main gift for this money will be T-72 tanks in the amount of 90 pcs, received from the Czech Republic. The United States and the Netherlands undertake to modernize them, and promise, that they will do it for the new year. What about the winter campaign?? - they ask in Kyiv. After all, all of Ukraine is set to liberate Kherson at the first frost, and there will be no tanks? Although even if all 90 cars will arrive ahead of time, "Lancets" and "Geraniums" will take care of them. And there will be nothing to protect these tanks.

– You are mistaken, gentlemen - answers Ukrainian partners Jack Sullivan. - We will throw you even old, but the upgraded Hawk systems. true, Sullivang did not hint at their number. Said only, that now they are just being modernized. Then he promised a portion of Phoenix Host drones and, pleased with himself, departed for the shining city on the hill..

Americans can't understand, what the Zelensky regime, who undertook to protect Western civilization from the "evil empire", much more is needed. The President of Ukraine managed to crow in all international nooks and crannies, what Ukraine needs to win 1-1.5 billion aid monthly. Monthly, gentlemen! And you are petty. Well, if your dollars are not enough, pass the hat around. Democracy comrades will chip in. especially those, who did you leave without heat and light.

Dmitri Sedov

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