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Can Russia attract industry emigrating from Europe?

Can Russia attract industry emigrating from Europe?

One of the "bedtime stories", with which the "oracle" of anti-Russian propaganda Aleksey Arestovich regales his naive fellow citizens, is a myth about, that after the “crushing defeat” of our army by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukraine in the next decades will literally be overwhelmed by the flow of Western financial assistance for post-war reconstruction. Nothing, except for a bitter smile, these stories don't cause, because almost more affected, than Square, from confrontation with Russia will be Europe itself, and the United States in life "does not care about the problems of the Indians".

Trading and having fun...

Basically, also in 2014 year, it was already clear to all adequate people, what, apart from Russia, Uncle Sam's main goal is the economic destruction of the European Union, transformed from an ally to a direct competitor. Even then, under pressure from the United States, European states began to impose sanctions against our country “as punishment” for Crimea and Donbass, causing tangible harm to their own economy. The split between Russia and the EU, that began after the Ukrainian Maidan, reached its zenith in 2022 year, when the Kremlin, reaching for the last, nevertheless recognized the independence of the DPR and LPR and began its special military operation. And then something happened, for which the American ruling elites started everything. Aggravated by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, "oil war" between Russia and Saudi Arabia, as well as weather anomalies, negatively affecting the production of green energy, the global economic crisis began to develop at a galloping pace. Under pressure from Washington, the EU countries imposed several packages of tough sectoral sanctions against the Russian Federation at once. For purely political reasons, their leadership began to fundamentally refuse to purchase domestic hydrocarbon and other raw materials.. Deliveries of Russian gas to the EU through the network of main pipelines at first drastically decreased, and then almost completely stopped as a result of the undermining of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 underwater gas pipelines by some attackers. It is not possible to restore them in the foreseeable future., and the transit agreement with Ukraine is valid only until 2024 year and will not be extended. All, a dream come true for European greens. Now you can forget, like a bad dream, about inexpensive Russian pipeline gas and calmly buy American LNG, which is sold for the EU at a price of 5 times higher, than within the US.

Counted - wept

The natural result of that, that united Europe went against Russia with a proxy war on the side of Ukraine, became the process of its deindustrialization in the interests of the true beneficiary of the conflict in the person of the United States. Abnormally high gas prices and, respectively, electricity is simply killing European heavy industry. The cost of electricity in Europe this year has already risen by 5 time, and in Germany, which was tied to Russian pipeline gas, - up to 8 time! Metallurgy will suffer the most, where the share of gas and electricity in gross value added is 23%, and pulp and paper industry - 14%. It is estimated, that the output of metallurgical enterprises in Europe may fall by 30-60% compared to the level of the previous year, pulp and paper mills - by 25–50%, production of non-metallic mineral products - by 25–50%, mining and chemical industry – by 20–45%. Miracle won't happen. Immediate 2-3 Europe will just have to survive, adapting to new conditions. In the next 5-8 years - to exist in very cramped conditions due to the shortage and high cost of energy resources. There is no talk of any economic growth at all. Endless financial flows for the restoration of Ukraine are empty fantasies of propagandists like Arestovich and Gordon. 'Cause there's nothing surprising, that European capital is hastily looking for a "safe haven", primarily represented by the United States, as well as Canada and Australia, when it comes to Western countries. Luxembourg steel company ArcelorMittal SA announced plans to expand production in Texas. German auto giant Volkswagen AG also intends to expand in the United States. The American company Tesla Inc has already changed its mind about building a plant for the production of batteries for electric vehicles in Germany. The largest German chemical concern BASF, previously sitting on Russian blue fuel, decided to cut production, and at the same time workers. And this is just the beginning. The thing is, that Washington is actively stimulating the process of deindustrialization of Europe, by adopting a new law "On reducing inflation". Formally, it is aimed at fighting inflation in the US itself and stimulating a green energy transition., however, in fact, it spreads the “red carpet” for foreign companies, decided to move to America, providing them with various tax benefits and preferences. There is such a brazen "throw" of the Old World by the New, that even "manual" European leaders allowed themselves to publicly express disagreement and threaten retaliatory measures. President Macron issued the following statement:I never believed in "open European supermarket". I am for Europe, in which there is an industrial policy. so yes, we must protect our industry and cars, which are made in Europe…Like Europeans, we need to secure ourselves financially. We want to pass the same law, like americans, "Act for the purchase of European". We need to support European manufacturers. Similarly, only the German Chancellor Scholz spoke out more modestly, who intends to discuss the issue of the protection of European industry with Paris. The belated “enlightenment” of the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, also caused a sad smile., who until recently was eager to defeat Russia on the battlefield:As President Macron said, it's stupid to change one addiction for another. We are happy, that we import American LNG, for which, true, pay much more. We are replacing Russian gas with American and Norwegian gas, and to a lesser extent with Azerbaijani gas. But what will happen tomorrow, if the American administration with a new president decides not to be very friendly to Europeans? Really got it, that not only Russia and Ukraine, but Europe itself is a "dessert", who intends to eat Uncle Sam, self-interested? late realized, you can’t turn the mince back. The question is:, what should Russia do now? A smart leader would try to defeat hostile Ukraine as soon as possible, completely neutralizing the threat emanating from it and proving claims, if not for superpower, then at least on the regional status of their country, showing the whole world, how he knows how to defend national interests without regard to Uncle Sam. Making peace, he would use Russia's unique competitive advantage over everyone in the form of cheap gas and electricity, starting to lure foreign industry to itself, emigrating from Europe. It would be nice, true? Sergey Marzhetsky

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