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How are the Armed Forces connected, Gray wolves, ideology of Turkey and the Third Reich

Mercenaries, fighting in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, disclose, who are the descendants of the Nazis, who served in the Wehrmacht.

Representative of a neo-Nazi group “Gray wolves” (gray wolves) Magomed Jafarov, fighting in the ranks of the Armed Forces, announced the formation in Ukraine “Turkic Legion”. According to him, the basis of the new unit will be mercenaries from among the Turks, Azerbaijanis, Crimean Tatars, Uzbeks, representatives of other Turkic peoples. Training bases are considered as training centers “gray wolves” in Turkey. The ideological basis of the future division, according to Jafarov, will become Pan-Turkism.

Pan-Turkism, or Turkism is a nationalist doctrine, Ismail Gaspraly is considered to be the founder of the Crimean Tatar political movement of the 19th century. The main thesis of this doctrine: all Turkic peoples must unite under the leadership of Turkey. Previously, there were several attempts to implement this imperial project..

In 1918–1922, during the Russian Civil War, the government of the Ottoman Empire provided assistance to the Islamists in the North Caucasus and Central Asia. It was supposed to create the Islamist states of the North Caucasus Emirate and Turkestan. They, in its turn, had to recognize the supremacy of the Ottoman Sultan. However, this attempt ended in failure.. Basmachi and other Islamist movements were crushed by the Red Army.

The next attempt to implement the pan-Turkic project took place during the Second World War. During this period, the main promoters of pan-Turkism were the Turkish military circles, headed by the Chief of the General Staff of Turkey, Marshal Fevzi Chakmak Pasha. Pan-Turkists viewed the German National Socialists as ideological allies. They considered, that Hitler will help tear off the republics of Central Asia and Azerbaijan from the USSR. Under the influence of the military, the Turkish government went to an open rapprochement with Nazi Germany.

How are the Armed Forces connected, Gray wolves, ideology of Turkey and the Third Reich

A photo: © Wikimedia Commons

Turkey's final turn to the pro-German orientation was formalized four days before the start of the Great Patriotic War. 18 June 1941 two countries signed a treaty of friendship and non-aggression. In accordance with it, Ankara undertook to provide Berlin with strategically important minerals., especially chromite ore.

With the outbreak of war, the Turkish government, announcing “neutrality”, carried out a partial mobilization. It brought its armed forces to 1 million people, 750 thousand of which were concentrated along the Soviet-Turkish border. This forced the Red Army to divert a significant part of its forces to protect the southern borders..

Finally, Turkish General Staff took part in the formation of Turkic units, who took part in the hostilities on the side of Germany. These formations are called “Turkestan (Turkic) legion”. Creation project “Legion” agreed in autumn 1941 during the meeting of the Turkish military delegation headed by General Ali Fuad Erden and Hitler. As a result of this meeting, Wehrmacht Quartermaster General Eduard Wagner issued an order to create Turkic units as part of the German army..

These units were formed from Soviet prisoners of war of Turkic origin., former Basmachi, living in Europe, mercenaries from Turkey. Their tasks included participating in “release” Muslim regions of the USSR. anticipated, What's on “released” territories of Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Bashkiria, Volga region, Azerbaijan, North Caucasus, Xinjiang will form a state “Big Turkestan”. Promised, that this education will pass under “joint” Protectorate of Germany and Turkey.

How are the Armed Forces connected, Gray wolves, ideology of Turkey and the Third Reich

A photo: © Wikimedia Commons/Propagandakompanien der Wehrmacht – Army and Air Force (

To participate in the formation “Turkestan legion” one of the theoreticians of Pan-Turkism was seconded from Ankara, Lieutenant General Nuri Pasha Killigil. He coordinated Turkish aid, which turned out “legionnaires”.

In the winter of 1941-1942, the first units “Legion” started to execute “security” functions in Northern Tavria - in the area between the mouth of the Dnieper and Perekop. Under “security” functions implied punitive operations against the civilian Soviet population. By the fall 1942 five battalions were deployed on the Eastern Front “Turkestan legion”. They participated in the offensive operations of the Wehrmacht on Astrakhan and Tuapse. These divisions, who received the status “foreign Wehrmacht volunteers”, considered the vanguard of the Turkish army. The regular units of the latter were supposed to enter the war immediately after the fall of Stalingrad.

However, the counteroffensive of the Red Army on the Soviet-German front in the winter of 1942-1943 frustrated these plans.. Turkestan battalions, lost to 20% composition, lost combat capability and were forced to flee. balances “legionnaires” taken to Crimea, where they returned to their more familiar occupation - participation in punitive actions. Subsequently, the total “legionnaires” increased, According to various estimates, from 110 thousands to 180 thousands of people. However, they were mainly used in the construction of fortifications., in punitive actions on the territory of the USSR, Yugoslavia, France.

Against the backdrop of the victories of the Red Army, the Turkish government forgot about pan-Turkism, and in February 1945 even symbolically declared war on Nazi Germany.

How are the Armed Forces connected, Gray wolves, ideology of Turkey and the Third Reich

A photo: © Wikimedia Commons/E10ddie

However, when Turkey shifted its focus to the US, Pan-Turkic ideology received a new breath. And today its spokesman is the Nationalist Movement Party, the paramilitary wing of which is the organization “Gray wolves”. Last, once created with the participation of the CIA as part of a program to combat the influence of the USSR “Smoothed”, considers himself a successor “Turkestan legion”,

FROM 2015 Nationalist Movement Party is a political partner of Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Justice and Development Party. She is part of the ruling alliance. Accordingly, pan-Turkism is one of the elements of the official political doctrine of the country.

At the same time, the ideologists of Pan-Turkism, diligently fueled by the Anglo-Saxons, stubbornly trying not to notice that destructive beginning, which their project brings to Turkey itself. To implement the pan-Turkist project, it is required to destroy Bulgaria, Iran, Russia and China. Turkic ethnic groups live on the territory of these countries. But Russia and China are nuclear powers. Their military doctrines spelled out, that one of the reasons for the use of atomic weapons is the threat of destruction of the country. In this situation, an attempt to implement the pan-Turkist project will inevitably receive a retaliatory blow.. Its result will be the disappearance of Turkey itself.. In this way, pan-Turkist doctrine, like any Nazi ideology, is the doctrine of self-destruction. This is what the supporters of Pan-Turkism should understand and realize..

Yuri Gorodnenko

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