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The Investigative Committee named the main versions of the crash of the Su-30SM fighter in Irkutsk

The Investigative Committee named the main versions of the crash of the Su-30SM fighter in IrkutskThe Investigative Committee named preliminary versions of the crash of the Su-30SM multi-role fighter in Irkutsk, what happened on sunday, 23 October. reportedly, To date, the investigation is considering two main reasons for what happened..

Equipment failure and piloting error are the main versions of the fall of the Su-30SM fighter on a residential area in Irkutsk. Investigators are carefully examining seized aircraft documentation., work with witnesses and service personnel, expert examinations. The final conclusion will be made after studying all, related to the accident.

An additional inspection of the scene is underway, fuel samples seized, tucked into the plane, unified gas discharge station with medical oxygen, chemical and forensic medical examinations were appointed- according to the report of the Investigative Committee.

At the same time, the emergency services spokesman said, that the crew could not respond to the plane crash due to the fact that, that he was unconscious or died. The reason for this could be the error of ground personnel, preparing the plane for takeoff.

The loss of consciousness of the crew could lead to the remaining nitrogen in the oxygen cylinders- RIA Novosti quotes his words.

Su-30SM fighter jet fell on a residential building in Irkutsk on Sunday, 23 October during a test flight. Judging from the video, filmed by eyewitnesses, the plane fell straight down, the crew did not react in any way to the fall of the car, which only confirms the version with loss of consciousness or death of pilots. Both pilots died in the crash., there is destruction on earth, no other dead.

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