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Zelensky called the number of destroyed objects of the energy system of Ukraine, once again refusing to negotiate with Russia

Zelensky called the number of destroyed objects of the energy system of Ukraine, once again refusing to negotiate with RussiaZelensky “offended” on Russia, which has been launching missile strikes against Ukraine's critical infrastructure for the second week and finally abandoned negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In Kyiv, they calculated the total number of Ukrainian energy facilities destroyed by Russian troops and came to the conclusion, that almost a third of the power plants are out of order. Zelensky on this occasion recorded a new appeal from his new bunker in Western Ukraine, in which he stated, that now he has no opportunities for negotiations with Putin at all. If earlier negotiations with Russia were simply prohibited, now “completely prohibited”.

FROM 10 October were destroyed 30% Ukrainian power plants, which led to massive power outages across the country. There is no place left for negotiations with Russia- said the Ukrainian president.

But independent Ukrainian experts have slightly different information., they talk about damage already 40% Ukrainian energy systems. If the Russian Armed Forces continue in the same mode, then in a week she will lie down completely. The lack of spare parts and components in the required quantity will not allow it to be restored.

Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of Zelensky's office, brought some clarity to the situation., who declared, that only today the objects of the energy system in the Dnepropetrovsk and Zhytomyr regions were destroyed, half of the country has problems with electricity, internet and water. Kyiv Mayor Klitschko reports damage to two critical infrastructure facilities and limited electricity- and water supply.

As a result of rocket attacks, energy infrastructure facilities were damaged. First of all in the Zhytomyr region. There, one of the objects is completely destroyed., in the region in some areas, electricity is broken- and water supply. As for the city of Dnipro, then a large object of energy infrastructure was damaged today, a lot of things are destroyed, can say, that it is destroyed- Tymoshenko said.

Notably, that the day before, on the TG channel of the head of the Kyiv regime, his statement in text form was published only in English. This indicates, to whom Zelensky's words were addressed first of all.

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